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RachelW 11/20/2018 9:58:07 AM

Dynamics troubleshooting poser

So, here's a poser. A question. A mys-ter-y. 

I took a support call yesterday from a client, their IM integration was locking up with no warning. Now, before I lose those that hate IM, the solution had nothing to do with IM, so stay with me. 

Here's the deal. I'm going to describe the symptoms and then the steps that I took in troubleshooting. 

*** I'm going to number the steps.

If you get the solution at a step before I did, please enter a comment below with your step. The winner gets absolutely nothing, save fleeting fame and admiration from your peers.

So, here we go. 

Step #1 The client logs me into IM, and runs the RM Integration, and the document type is Finance Charge. It logs no ATTEMPTS, just locks up immediately. We have to end the task (both IM and Dynamics) to get control again. 

Step #2 The integration has Before Integration, Before Document, After Document, and After Integration scripts. Suspecting the code, I put MSGBOX statements in the first three and determined that the scripts were fully executing (not locking) and that we never even started the After Document. This appeared to be a Dynamics issue, not Integration Manager. 

Step #3...
Version: All
Section: Dynamics GP,VBA,Integration Manager,SmartConnect

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