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11/21/2012 2:49:47 PM

eConnect / Ingegration Manager with Azox Extended Pricing

* This article, and all our great eConnect documentation, Is available on the eConnect menu

I love my job. Something new to figure out every day.

Today we needed to find a way to make Integration Manager work with Azox Extended Pricing. The script privided below makes use of a 'Pre' script, the taSopLineIvcInsertPre. This script fires before each line is inserted in a SOP ingegration. The basic idea is that we look up the price in Azox and substitute it for the price that is in the integrations.

*** There is only about an hour of work in this script. It will not work for all situations, probably even most situations. It is intended as a starting point. You'll need to carefully test this against your data and make improvements.
Version: GP 2010
Section: eConnect,Integration Manager
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