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SteveGray 3/16/2017 11:27:47 AM


Before you can say it, I'll say it for you. I'm old.


I lament the loss of the LEFT function in VB. SUBSTRING is not the same, because it errors if you specify a length longer then the string.

Oh, I know you can code around that with LENGTH. And, I know that LEFT is still available, but you have to fully reference Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left() in order to use it.

That that makes me old, cranky, and lazy. <huge smile>

My answer is this: I include the code below in all my projects as part of the library that I import. It's my helper class for strings.

This class makes LEFT available for string objects, use it like this:

Dim str As String = "12345"

and you'll get these results:


If you're not familiar with extension classes, they work on the object type specified in the first parameter. So, in our code below, the first parameter ('theString') is a STRING type so this object extends the STRING class, and only uses one parameter (LENGTH)
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Section: .NET Development

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