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3/6/2017 10:32:55 AM


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If you're a SQL weenie, please read this all the way through. <smiles> You'll get something out of it.

I'm being asked to send a file to a vendor via a web service, but the vendor can't handle the entire file <sigh> (If they'd hire me, they could <laughs>)

So, I have to break the file down into chunks of 100. This happens to be items, but the technique applies to any large file. It needs to be dynamic because the client's inventory constantly changes and I can't just specify ranges of items, the ranges change.

So, this code brings back a range of exactly 100 items and I use this to send the vendor x files of 100 items. Very cool technique. Love to hear your comments!

This is the output of the code below.

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Section: SQL Scripts
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