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7/9/2012 9:52:39 AM

FileSeek from www.binaryFortress.com

The only thing that I can think of to say is “Wow”.

I am a fan of BinaryFortress anyway, but have always looked past the FileSeek utility because that functionality is built into Windows anyway, right?

I have the need to – regularly – do searches for files in directories, both for the file itself or for a string inside the file. Today’s task was to find an XML document in a folder that contains 14.5K documents, in many subfolders. Kind of like searching the Windows directory. Maybe worse. Finding this doc was going to be a pain.

I could use the windows search feature, but I knew that it would take a little bit and I was in the mood to test FileSeek anyway.

In the end, I downloaded, installed, and found my file faster than I could have with Windows Search Assistant. Across the network. Booya.

Very impressive. I also do work with SQL script files, and recently needed to find one of my scripts that had errant syntax (go figure, right?). I did a ‘find a string inside a file’ search against about 50 scripts and got back what I needed in less than a second. I was also able to double click on the result line and open the file in SSRS. What could be easier?

And, it does it’s work on the fly without indexing, so I don’t have to deal with ‘your folder is not indexed’…

www.binaryFortress.com. Go there now.

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