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Leah 6/8/2018 12:05:37 PM

eConnect taItemSite Wrapper

* This article, and all our great .NET Development documentation, Is available on the .NET Development menu

This stored procedure wraps the eConnect taItemSite stored procedure, making it easier to call. 

It also returns the full error text in case of an error, and not just the cryptic error ID
Version: All
Section: SQL Scripts
       FROM   sysobjects
       WHERE  name = N'dd_taItemSiteWrapper'
       AND    type = 'P')
    DROP PROCEDURE dd_taItemSiteWrapper
CREATE PROCEDURE dd_taItemSiteWrapper
-- dd_taItemSiteWrapper 'mortarcovers~~','020',0
@ITEMNMBR varchar(30),
@LOCNCODE varchar(10),
@UpdateIfExists int
set transaction isolation level read uncommitted
DECLARE @O_iErrorState INT,
    @oErrString VARCHAR(256),
    @ErrorDesc VARCHAR(256)
SELECT @O_iErrorState = 0
EXEC taItemSite
    @I_vUpdateIfExists = @UpdateIfExists,
    @O_iErrorState = @O_iErrorState OUT,
    @oErrString = @oErrString OUT
IF @O_iErrorState > 0 BEGIN
    SELECT @ErrorDesc = tec.ErrorDesc
        FROM dynamics..taErrorCode tec
        WHERE tec.ErrorCode = @O_iErrorState
    SELECT @ErrorDesc = ''
SELECT @O_iErrorState AS ErrorState, @oErrString AS ErrString, @ErrorDesc AS ErrorDesc
grant exec on dd_taItemSiteWrapper to public
--  sp_sps 't'
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