The TOTALQTY parameter in a SQP line integration is usually ignored, you can leave it NULL and it'll be fine. The rub comes when you want to do 'shipments'. 

In our case, the 3PL was partially fulfilling and the client wanted to leave the SOP ORDER at its full quantity and work the fulfillment. 

In other words, if the order was for three and we fulfill one, we want to leave the order at three, partially fulfilled. 

If you send though a call to taSopLineIvcInsert with QUANTITY = 1, QTYFULFI = 1, it will fulfil the one and recuce the QUANTITY to one. 

The solution is below

The RadBindingNavigator is a little different to code than most ASP.NET controls, you have to use two objects together: the RadBindingNavigator and a BindingSource. 

The screen shot below shows this being done, and we provide template code to make the whole thing work. 

Code snippet to hide buttons on the Telerik RadBindingNavigator
I have a particular way that I use to display Crystal Reports in a .NET ASP.NET project. It's worked for years, we have an article on this site that shows how to do it. Today I created a report with subreports (It was a Direct Deposit advice, so it had subs for taxes, deductions, benefits, etc). The code below shows how to set the data source directly. 
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