Has anybody modified the [seermHATBSRSWrapper] SQL stored Procedure GP uses for AR Historical Trial Balance Report?

I want to create my own custom AR report that doesn't have the unnecessary parameters and I want to add Collector ID, UDF1 and UDF2 and Parent ID from the RM00101.

Just wondering if anybody has ventured down the same path as I am about to. 



I've never seen this before.

We have a GP User who hasn't logged into GP for the past 2+ years. She's currently in GP as a Limited User.

I tried to modify her GP Security using the GP Interface and got the typical SQL messages stating can't delete a user or change password didn't work - we've all seen those messages.

Normally no big deal - just go into SQL Server Management Studio and drop user or delete user etc. 

In this case - even using drop user - SQL won't drop - Here's why:

(Never seen before) 

The User ID - 'owns' the DYNGRP schema and has a SQL login that I've never seen or used before 'SQL user without login'

Any guidance how I can drop this user and basically just re-create (using GP interface)?

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