Has anybody seen this message before? Professional Tools (Item Combiner) is throwing this message. When you look at the table it appears to be similar to the IV10200 table except it doesn't have the QTY SOLD column - the table a transaction date/time stamp - item number location code and quantity. It does not have a DEX_ROW_ID column - kind of tells me - 3rd party? 

Any thoughts would be appreciated...…thanks in advance. 


Kind of a newbie question, please excuse.

Working in GP2018 Project series.  Project is fixed price and cost to cost.  Client is entering a forecast when the project starts and then believes they have to adjust this forecast to match actual costs as they go along to get revenue and or billing to come out right and then at the end so they can close the project. 

This seems counterintuitive to me.  A forecast should be just for planning, shouldn't it?  Is there a reason that they have to keep revisiting the forecast to get project accounting to work?

Is there a best practice?



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