I am attaching a script to create a bank transaction from a button on the Generate EFT Screen.  The script is a registered trigger.


As part of my script,  i want to call this script and return the next bank transaction number  as outlined on page 7... see documentation pasted.

From the BRGlbls,doc sdk



Module:            Bank Reconciliation

Category:         Setup


Gets the next number based on the specified Transaction Type.  This routing returns a formatted string CCCNNNNNNNNN where CCC is the Transaction Type code and NNNNNNNNN is the transaction number.

If two users call GetNextNumber with two different transaction types, the return values might be (assume 5 is the current Next Number), RCT000000005, and the second request would return IAJ000000006.  The Transaction Number is independent of the Transaction Type.

Script Type:     Function


GetNextNumber(TransactionType, CMSetup, CMTrxSetup)


in          TransactionType            Enumerated Transaction Type (Receipt, Withdrawal, etc)

in          CMSetup                      CM Setup Table

in          CMTrxSetup                  CM Transaction Setup Table



a Sample of my dexterity calling the function from t SDK....

local integer zintGetNextNumber;

open table CM_SETP;

zintGetNextNumber= GetNextNumber(6, 'CM Setup Table', CMTrxSetup)of form CM_Setup;


Why am I getting a message...Unknonwn Identifier CM Setup Table and CMTrxSetup?

Why am I getting a type incompatibility script zintGetNextNumberparameter #2

Maybe the better question is how do I pass those tables to the script if those tables aren't part of the form I am calling my script from?