We wrote an integration this year for a company that needed to integrate Receivable transactions into Dynamics GP, and they use Dynamics Project Cost. 

We are importing an invoice and the payments, we need to apply the two and have the apply mirror in PC. 

In this effort we ran into a snag and needed help from Microsoft. The support engineer was great, even though this is an unsupported effort he pointed out the problem, and as an extra bonus sent me the discussion below on how PC project types work. 

I have no accounting training, so the discussion below was helpful for me. Just wanted to blog it so I don't lose it. 

Thanks, Isaac...


I've blogged on this several times, but each time the solution has been a little unwieldly for one reason or another. 

The job is to take a set of rows:


And return a comma separated field. 

Solution below

Olympic (now Rockton) project cost supports multiple levels of tasks stored in PC00300 that can be arranged in a hierarchy. 

If you're using that hierarchy, the query below will show you how to join PC00300 on itself and display all the levels.

By default, when a RadGrid GridNumericColumn displays numbers in edit mode, it will display the minimum decimal places. In order to have consistent formatting, use the code below

Ok. Pay attention. You'll thank me later. 

I spend my day writing SQL, working in SSMS. 

Often, when writing stored procedures, I'll execute the script (creating the object) and then scroll to the top of the page and execute the sproc using a piece of test code that will call the sproc. 

Scroll up, scroll down. Repeat. 

Or, you copy the test code throughout your code. Messy. 

How about this?

Today we're troubleshooting a task in SmartConnect, and it would be convenient to see what the data is at runtime. 



We are trying to help a client create a invoice from Project Billing Transactions.

Of course the standard templates don't work.  Googling reveals 15 year old messages in dynamics forums with the same issue.   Before I stumble into this cold, can anybody provide sage advice on the path of least resistance?
Thanks in Advance.

Does anyone have a solution to this? We are printing MO travelers from GP 2016 R2 (SQL server 2016) using SSRS, and we need them to be double sided. We are printing more than one MO at a time - so a range of MOs. When we print more than one and the page numbers of one of the MO's travelers is odd, we end up with an issue in printing. The first page of the next MO ends up on the back page of the last MO because of the double sided printing. Is there a way to conditionally insert a blank page? - so only insert it when there are an odd number of pages for each MO. There is one group per MO and then subgroups within that. I've found a few threads that discuss this as an issue but I haven't come across an actual solution. Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Good morning,

  I need change the item type Misc or Service to Sales Inventory  in may items, i don't found any utilities to do thIs change.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks for your help,

Mr. García

Dynamics GP 9

Requiero crear dos KPI, uno con el total de cuentas por cobrar (aun no cobradas)

y el otro en total de cobros, por periodo por año.

Por mas que busco no encuentro como amarrar los datos para crearlos en una sola consulta SQL.

Editor 6/15/2021:

I need to create two KPIs, one with the total accounts receivable (not yet collected) and the other in total collections, per period per year.

As much as I look I can not find how to tie the data to create them in a single sql query.

Hello Developers, 


Trying to pull a query to get balances by account for each dimension in analytical account by period.  Has anyone written an SQL statement(s), view or TVF or SP to generate such dataset ?

Ideas, comments, suggestions, welcome! 


Thank you! 

Hello developers,

Is there an easy way to convert a smart list to a view in GP?  

Ideas, comments, suggestions welcome.

Thank you

Saludos, tengo un inconveniente con una maquina que no muestra el icono de adjuntar archivos en la ventana de Notes.

La configuración en Dex.ini esta correcta.

el ambiente consiste en que en la misma maquina esta instalado GP10.0 que esta en uso y GP2018 que esta en proceso de migración

Ya googlee todo lo que pude y nada de lo que he encontrado me ha sido util.

Gracias, por si alguien puede ayudarme

Edit 6/17/2021

Greetings, I have a problem with a machine that does not display the attach files icon in the Notes window.

The settings in Dex.ini are correct.

the environment consists in that in the same machine is installed GP10.0 that is in use and GP2018 that is in the process of migration

I googled everything I could and nothing I've found has been useful to me.

Thanks, in case anyone can help me

I was asked a question today which I struggled with a bit for an answer. I have not directly worked on a GP Cloud Project. The question pertained to integrating stand-alone applications into GP (Cloud install). I've worked on lots of integrations - so I know the usual methods. 

I was wondering if there is anything I would need to know in approaching/designing a solution that would be different as a result of the Cloud factor? Any guidance, feedback or general comments would be appreciated. 

Have a great day. 

Hello, I apologize if this question is a repeat in some form.

I have some SQL code which is currently responsible for creating invoices in our customers GP database. It calls: taSopLineIvcInsert, taSopLineIvcTaxInsert, & taSopHdrIvcInsert to accomplish this.


The customer is now requesting that we extend this code to automatically post the batch this transaction is in. They do this manually at the moment by using the following actions in their interface: Press "Sales Batch" -> Find the Batch By ID -> Press "Post"

I'm having trouble finding any documented stored procedures that can handle this, and am seeing a lot of references to the fact that this may not be possible. But I'm not versed-enough with GP to understand if I am misunderstanding these statements.

Some places that say it may not be possible:



I would greatly appreciate any advice on the matter. If I can provide any additional information, just let me know.

IF exists (select from INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES where ROUTINE_NAME = 'dd_RMHistoricalAgingSummary'begin
    DROP proc dd_RMHistoricalAgingSummary
CREATE proc dd_RMHistoricalAgingSummary

Alguien tiene el procedimiento del detalle que me pudiera ayudar a pasarmelo.



Edit 6/24/2021 Does someone have the procedure detail?

We did a Standard Cost Roll-up and revaluation this weekend that generated a 2,961 line long Journal Entry.  Unfortunately, nothing tics and ties me back to the the Item, or the Site ID.  I have the 'Item Pending Revaluation Report' in .PDF, which at least gives item detail by cost category. but Accounting really wants me to provide him an EXCEL file that contains all of that data.

Has anyone done something like this already by chance and can share the tables I need to join to get a view that I can then export to Excel?



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