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Or, how to solve the error The year you've selected for an open-year column is invalid for Profit and Loss


This article will detail how to change the year on the Dynamics GP Profit and Loss report. The report hasn't changed in years, I imagine this technique will work on most any GP version. 

Details below.  

Hi All,

I am trying to integrate Bank Transaction Increase and Decrease adjustments using eConnect. I couldn't find any procedure to get next transaction number. How to get GP next number and pass in column CMTrxNum for eConnect procedure taBRBankTransactionHeader.



Hi All,

How to control integrated record through eConnect is not bounced back i.e not inserting to eConnect_Out table. Which can be controlled by @RequesterTrx parameter?




Someone changed the server role to sysadmin for an regular employee. Is there a way to figure out who made this change?



I've built a stored procedure to create and update inventory items using eConnect, for use in another application. It's working pretty well for the most part, but the total price in the price list is not populating. When I execute taIVCreateItemPriceListLine, the margin percentage shows up on the item price list card, but the total price for the line is still zero. Normally, this field auto-populates after you enter a percentage on the card or import a price list. I'm using option 5, which is %Margin. Is there another field I'm supposed to be populating, or some other way to trigger this?

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