This code example will show how to iterate through an ASP.NET Telerik grid, and we'll show how to access different column types. 

Specifically, we'll look at templated columns, datakeyvalues, and bound columns




This article will detail how to dynamically add nested user controls (ascx pages) to a standard web page. 

In other words:

>> ucChild.ascx (added as a standard control)
>>>> ucGrandChild (added dynamically from code behind)
>>>> ucGrandChild2 (added dynamically from code behind)

We needed to add the GrandChildren user control 0 to many times, so the dynamic (programmatic) approach was important

As usual, I'm going to post this code as tersely as possible, but if you have a question please just ask in the comments. 

The result will look like this:

Came across a requirement today to import a csv file into SQL. As usual, I want the quickest way to do this.

The text file looks like this (notice the inconsistent quotes):


Details below

8/4/2020: Editors note: this post has been closed but is unanswered. We're leaving it here because of the valuable troubleshooting information provided by GP Guru David Musgrave.

I’ve got a Dynamics GP error I have NEVER seen.

Have you ever heard of “c-tree”?

Does or did Dynamics ever utilize it in their Dexterity / SQL coding?

There is a sales table in which you can find an invoice and its current balance, especially I want those with a 0.00 balance, that is, they are fully paid.


So a new SOP comes, and is entered by a user, written to SOP10100 and SOP10200.  A Picking Ticket is printed.  Customer decides to cancel the order, so a user deletes the order in GP 2010.

Where is the audit trail?  A paper picking ticket has printed.  But the order seems to completely disappear; not in SOP10100 or SOP30200.  

I am mainly interested in finding the customer PO so that weeks later, how do we say - you cancelled your order?  So I'm thinking I am missing a table.

Well, I'm hoping, then wondering if; I'm not missing anything - Is this issue fixed in 2018?



I am getting this error on the query below

Msg 8169, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting from a character string to uniqueidentifier.

SELECT [Contract].vidyo_enduseridName,
 [Contract].TotalPrice, [Contract].
 ActiveOn, [Contract].ExpiresOn,
 ContractDetail.Vidyo_MACAddress, [Contract].ContractId

 FROM   Vidyo_MSCRM.dbo.[Contract]
 INNER JOIN Vidyo_MSCRM.dbo.ContractDetail ContractDetail ON ([Contract].ContractId=ContractDetail.ContractId)
 AND ([Contract].AccountId=ContractDetail.AccountId)
 WHERE  [Contract].ContractId='CNR-67079-R3BD5K'

Can someone please help me to fix this error please?

Thanks - Paul


Our company has 5 GL segments [Fund, Department, Sub Department, Location & Main GL) so it's typically like G000-9700-00-LM-63452

A user wants to create and upload yearly budget just for the last segment [63452].

Is this possible? Have anyone ever did this?




I have a couple of questions about the Report Writer that hope are easy to answer.  The first is regarding the Tables.  Is there anywhere that documents the Technical Name and the Physical Name?  I know the tables better by their Physical names.  trying to find the table I need will take forever!  For example, I need to access the EXT01100, EXT01101 and EXT01102 tables.  If I had a nice list of tables and their Display/Technical names to glance at, that would b awesome.

Also, the "New" button appears disabled when I pull up the list of Tables.  Is this tied to permissions somewhere?

Thank you!


I'm trying to create a SmartConnect map that would update lines of a sales order to back order from allocated. Has anyone done this or could provide some guidance? I'm able to run the map I created without error however it doesn't seem to have any impact on the lines of the order at all - no change at all to quantities. 
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