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I had a requirement today to make a disabled control 'more readable'


The control was a RadTextbox, and I had it disabled so people would not type in it. I suppose I could have made it 'read only', but that mode allows the cursor to enter and that bugs me. 

I make the control a radLabel, and styled it below

This is a complete example of how to call the eConnect IVTransverType schema in SQL using the stored procedures, including the lots


So, I'm working on a client computer, and when I log on I get the message that the server is about to restart.

In the middle of a workday.

And I'll get blamed. 

Solution below.

A client is integrating RM Apply documents into Dynamics GP, but they're using project accounting, and the PA tables are not getting updated. The fix was to put code in the taRmApplyPost script to update those tables. The code below is untested... but I don't have good access to this client and I wanted to get the code posted before I lose access.

There are three types of PA projects (Fixed Fee, Cost Plus, and Time/Material), the code below does not cover cost plus. It should be carefully tested for any use, this code might be client specific

This is how to call the eConnect IVTransferType from SQL. 
This article will conver how to call the eConnect IVTransactionType from SQL.

**ERROR: The commission sale total does not equal the commission sale amounts.

Grrr. What I did to fix it is below

Usually when I group by a column in a grid, I don't what the column to show up in the grid below. 

This piece of code demonstrates how to hide the column in a Telerik grid. 

Placing pieces of code like this on the Telerik ASP.NET menu under the grid grouping section allows us to write code faster. Faster is better. 


I'm trying to help a friend. The person that handled all of the sales batches has left the company and there are no instructions on how to processes online orders.

There is an econnect tool that pulls the orders from the web and puts them in the database. It doesn't connect the orders with a batch.

I'm a database guy, so I know the tables well, but I don't know the GP interface very well.

How do I find an order and add it to a batch? How do I do that in bulk?

All assistance is greatly appreciated.


I've been asked to try to write some code that will help automate the entry of Inventory Adjustment Costs.

When an item is selected and the cost entered and then the PROCESS button is clicked, 2 reports are prompted.

They do not trigger the modal dialogue event.

How can I cancel these in VB? or turn them off completely?


Thanks in Advance,

Mark Moses Fineman

Hi there what could be the possible reason that the user security setting stopped working. e.g. I give a user only order processing privilege and leave all other roles unchecked. however the user has access to even administrative rights such as modifying another user's access. thanks!
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