Today, a member asked "Is there a way I can search for field and the result will tell me which table(s) it is located in?"

Answer below

Today's little bit of fun: a user called to report that an existing macro that automatically opens GP (for an IM integration) stopped working.

From the macro log:

Error:        Field not found on window.

Last Line:    6

Line:           MoveTo field Password

Today's call was this: Integration Manager: the Price Level has not defaulted for item 'xxx'

This was a new integration. 

I got a request today to inactivate customers that have not been billed in x days. The code is below

How do I add a website link in GP shortcuts for an entire class?

It is really quite simple.


Start by creating a class for the shortcut and assign to users.

Create User Class:  Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System >User Classes

Assign Users:  Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > System > Users

I'm not one to talk about tech, so much. What makes me happy is working faster. So, from that standpoint, let me give a super quick review on 49" monitors in general, and the Samsung 49" CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor, specifically. 

One of two articles, one on SSMS and one on Visual Studio

I work for everybody, for 8 hours at a shot. I log on, write a query or an app, and I'm done. 

I'll often want to set up the Options so that SSMS looks and acts like I want it to... but can't be bothered remembering where that setting is in the SSMS 'Options'. 

He're my list (mainly so that I can find them quickly when I'm at a client.) If it helps you, that's great too <smiles>


The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

We have an existing Excel spreadsheet linked to a SQL stored procedure that stopped working after a SQL upgrade, with the error above

This article documents our fix

I'm kinda excited about this, but I'm not sure anyone will be but me <laughs>

I help a lot of people with their SQL data. A lot. 

Often, I'll selectively audit some tables so that we can find our where the problems are. 

The technique is to create triggers that run lines from a table into an audit table. Typically if I want to audit SOP10100, I'll create a table called SOP10100AUDIT and save the records there. 

I've done this so many times that I've created a script that does the work of creating the tables and triggers for me, so I can audit a table in seconds. 

Recently I found a customer (unnamed, but Chad knows who he is) that runs a million records a day into my audit table. (sigh)

The problem is that GP updates frequently, and frequently there are no changes to the record, so tons of records exist that need to be sorted through for no reason. Also, at least half the columns in SOP10100 are of no interest, they just take up space in my table and never change. 

The new audit scripts below fix these problems. (There are three scripts, you'll need the bottom function first) The scripts allow for an 'audit database', so that you're not backing up the audit tables if you don't want to. The first script creates a script that creates a 'setup' table. (read that twice).  Run the first script, create the table, then go into it and set the fields that you want to 'true'

Next, run the second script and create the tables and triggers. You're done. Woot!



Earlier we blogged about how to code "Page 1 of 3" in an SSRS report footer, today's task is how to reset the page numbers by group. 

Today's task comes from a client that needs to enter collections notes for a customer/invoice. We decided to us the Receivables Transaction Entry form as  our launch point, and achieved the result below using an Extender form with a grid.

Read on to see how we did it.

Using the Telerik ASP.NET grid, when you group the default text that shows up in the grid group header is 


If you include 

HeaderText = "myGroupHeaderText"

You'll get

myGroupHeaderText: FIELDDATA

What if you only want



Hi there,

Is there a place I can find a list of APFRDCTY (applied from document type), for example, 7 - credit; 9 - payment, etc.? I can't seem to find this any where and everyone seems to have known this since day one.



In SSRS, I'm getting this error in Chrome when I try to launch the report builder: Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files

I'm posting this as a question, but I'm going to answer it myself... because I want room for discussion and because I suspect that on different servers I'll have different problems and want room to add new solutions


Does anyone know if there is a way to restrict some users from creating a new Natural Account, without restricting their ability to create a new combination of existing segment values. 

Hello all,


I am new to this community, but have been using it as a resource (particularly the table listing) for a while now.

I have two separate servers running Windows Server 2008R2, a Terminal Server (Where my Dynamics GP 2013 installation sits) and a SQL server.

I am going to do an in-place upgrade on these servers to upgrade to Windows Server 2016.  I'll clone both servers and do this in a test environment first, but before I get that far, I figured I would ask if anyone has any experience with this.  After this is done, I have a GP VAR who will help me upgrade GP to Dynamics 2018, but I need to move away from Server 2008R2 ASAP (no longer supported by Microsoft).

Is there anything that I need to look out for, or do you guys think an in-place upgrade to Windows Server 2016 will work just fine, with my set-up?  Are there any known compatibility issues?  It looks like some resources online say that GP 2013 is compatible with Server 2016, and some do not say one way or the other.  I'm an experienced server administrator, and general IT guy, but I do not have a ton of experience with Dynamics GP itself.  Any advice on this project is welcomed!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Is it possible to change the SOPSTATUS using eConnect for a fulfillment order?  I would like to have an external program change the SOPSTATUS codes from 2 (Ready to Print Pick Ticket) all the way to 7 (Ready to Post).  Is there an automated process, or can you change the codes directly in [SOP10100].  If it is possible, are there any special considerations?

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