I found this, to fix the problem

SQL Server 2019 15 
SQL Server 2017  14 
SQL Server 2016  13
SQL Server 2014  12 
SQL Server 2012  11 
SQL Server 2008 10
SQL Server 2005 9
SQL Server 2000 8

We don't post long, complicated explanations. We're coders, and we want to code as quickly as possible. We'll put this snippet on the SSRS menu, it'll be there when you need it. 

I just had a user ask what the best way was to learn the dynamics GP tables, and it's a daunting task.

There's something like 3000 of them and they all specific do a different module, so where do you go to train somebody?

This is the first lesson that I teach everybody when they want to learn how to code for dynamics GP

I need to make a report of inventory adjustments separated by user that I post. however, in Table IV10000 there is the MDFUSRID field and the PTDUSRID field, but they do not exist in table IV30200 that collects the transactions posted. Is there any other table that I can use to join this field to my report.

Error: Document (IVDOCNBR) already exists in IV10001

I'll have a dumb question, but I've found conflicting info so far... should I be trying to create an invoice for a drop-ship PO with <taPopEnterMatchInvHdr>&<taPopEnterMatchInvLine> or <taPopRcptHdrInsert>&<taPopRcptLineInsert> (POPTYPE = 3)?  I've been trying the latter and getting the error "You can only enter Invoice receipts for a Drop Ship Purchase Order".  Thanks.

I am an CPA who have been an Accounting  Controller for 30+ years. But implementing ERP systems, designing workflows, data mapping, creating reports in Excel, Management Reporter, etc. and working in SQL has been what I have always liked the most.

I want to make a career change, not quickly, but within 1-2 years. I am taking a class in C++, I know a little SQL and VBA, but not too much. 

Here is what I want to know:

What training do you recommend for me to be able to get a job implementing or supporting Dynamics systems (most of my experience is with GP)?  

Do you think companies would have interest in someone with my background? 

As far as programming, what languages should I focus on?

Are you aware of any formal training available for Dynamics? I did see that the GPUG has some certifications available?

Thank you so much for taking time to read this and provide advice to me. 

Much appreciated.

This is not a question about Dynamics, but I figured there may be someone who reads it who might be able to help answer it.  I have a web application that I can deploy either as separate site or as a web application under the default website.  When I try to use Windows authentication and Microsoft AD users to control access, it works as expected on the web application.  However, when I try the same thing on the separate site it won't work no matter what I've tried.  It pops up a prompt for the user login/password, and when I cancel out I get a http error 401.2 (unauthorized) message.  

I would like to use the app as a site, so I can use an alias binding for the URL.  I am stumped as to why Windows authentication doesn't seem to work for the code when it's deployed as a web site but does work as a web application under the default website.

WebApp1 (web application) and WebApplication1 (site) are the same code.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Below is the site, shown as a web application and a separate site

Authorization for the web app WebApp1

Authentication for the web app WebApp1


Authorization for the site WebApplication1

Authentication for the site WebApplication1

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