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I found this, to fix the problem

SQL Server 2019 15 
SQL Server 2017  14 
SQL Server 2016  13
SQL Server 2014  12 
SQL Server 2012  11 
SQL Server 2008 10
SQL Server 2005 9
SQL Server 2000 8

We don't post long, complicated explanations. We're coders, and we want to code as quickly as possible. We'll put this snippet on the SSRS menu, it'll be there when you need it. 
I need to make a report of inventory adjustments separated by user that I post. however, in Table IV10000 there is the MDFUSRID field and the PTDUSRID field, but they do not exist in table IV30200 that collects the transactions posted. Is there any other table that I can use to join this field to my report.

Error: Document (IVDOCNBR) already exists in IV10001

I'll have a dumb question, but I've found conflicting info so far... should I be trying to create an invoice for a drop-ship PO with <taPopEnterMatchInvHdr>&<taPopEnterMatchInvLine> or <taPopRcptHdrInsert>&<taPopRcptLineInsert> (POPTYPE = 3)?  I've been trying the latter and getting the error "You can only enter Invoice receipts for a Drop Ship Purchase Order".  Thanks.