The Microsoft_Dynamics_GP.vba project references some objects that cannot be found

I've been aware of this error for years, but when I ran across it just now I can't find a blog article to fix it... so I'll take the extra 10 minutes and write one. 

This is caused by Modifying a Dynamics GP form, and then editing that modification later. In my case, I had misspelled a field name (and we can't have that, can we) so I fixed the spelling. The effect was that the vba file had two spellings, the good and the bad. The bad one caused this error. 




I am doing a POP integration in VB.Net and eConnect, and my discount is not being applied.

I got this error this morning trying to open a SOP batch in Dynamics GP

I am trying to Receive and Invoice PO Items in GP (Purchase Order Entry form -> Actions -> Receive and Invoice the PO Items).  I get an error saying “[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server] Cannot insert a NULL into column ‘UseQtyOverageTolerance’ in table tempdb.dbo.#PODetailed.”

When I click OK, I get another error stating that “The stored procedure popSelectPOItemsLoadDexTables returned the following resulds:  DBMS: 515, Microsoft Dynamcis GP: 0.”


What is the object for Purchasing > Transaction Entry >Payables Transaction Entry window and for Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window? 

Are the tables PM10000 and PM10100 the work tables respectively?

Does anyone has a script to pull the last date a GL account had activity? 

I have one I found on another site, but for some reason there are hundreds of accounts it does not pull a date for? Yet, if I go into GP I find transactions for those accounts, so it is not because they never had any activity.

This would be very helpful. 



We are just now moving over to GP - I am running some testing in payroll; I have built and calculated the checks - I am trying to write a query that will show me what each of the pay/deductions/benefits/taxes are so i can compare to our other system (Microsoft Dynamics SL)  I have everything but the Federal and FICA taxes and i am not finding a "work" table i can pull these from.  Is there a table i can get these taxes?  We have way too many employees to check them individually.  I am on MS Dynamics GP - 2018

Thanks so much for your help!

Lois Urban

AP batch date? - where can I find this?  GP2016
My integration keep bringing in the lines as individual transactions instead of just lines. What do I need to change?
We had the post through GL unchecked for about a week and now need to process thousands and thousands of transactions.  Going through and checking each batch would take a huge amount of time.  We have been asked to create a script that would look at the sub-ledgers and create one JE for the GL.  Does anyone have a script that would help create these?

Good morning,

   I'm looking for a Comparative Year Period vs Another Year Period REPORT in Financial Statements in GP but I don't found this, I think that GP does not have this type of reports. Please confirm that is true and if true, please suggest a easy third party report generator.


Mr. García

I have GP2018

I am trying to create a return using eConnect and am getting an error (103) which says:

103 taSopUserDefined      Pre Custom Business Logic returned an error value     SOPNUMBE SOPTYPE

This error is getting returned when I execute the eConnect stored procedure taSopLineIvcInsert.

I am assuming that taSopLineIvcInsert in turn calls the taSOPUserDefined stored procedure. I am not aware of any custom business logic that has

been added to the taSOPUserDefined stored procedure.

Also, I can run the taSopLineIvcInsert to create an invoice with no issue.

Is there a way I can troubleshoot the secondary stored procedure to see what is causing it to return the error message?



There are instances where our business users have to add additional PO Lines to a PO that has been fully received. In GP, they can manually change the PO status from Received to Change Order using the Edit Purchase Order Status screen (see screen shot below). We need to be able to do this programmatically. Using eConnect taPOHdr, we've tried updating POSTATUS from 4 to 3, but get Error 8248 (see code and error message below). Does eConnect not support this status change or is there some variable that we are not setting? If eConnect doesn't support this status update, insights on other options such as writing our own stored procedure would be helpful. Thanks!


declare @p1 int

set @p1=168

exec sp_prepexec

@p1 output,N'@P1 smallint,

@P2 datetime2,

@P3 smallint,

@P4 smallint,

@P5 smallint,

@P6 char(18)',




Revision_Number = @P3,

Change_Order_Flag = @P4,

PO_Status_Orig = @P5



Error Number = 8248 Stored Procedure= taPoLine Error Description = The document has already been received, closed, or canceled. You can not edit a document with a received, closed, or canceled status

I have a strange Remittance Transaction question.  I thought I knew this and google searches are fruitless.  

My client, when they create a Manual AP Payment and apply it to an Invoice sometimes gets an "REMITTANCE" transaction that appears in the Document by Vendor Inquiry Window.  How does that happen and how do we turn it off? In my test system I cannot replicate that "REMITTANCE" Transaction.. the voucher number starts with REMIT000000... - etc...

Any ideas?

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