después de realizar una instalación de GP 10.0 en una maquina nueva, no ha sido posible enviar los estados de cuenta a los clientes por medio del correo electrónico. si alguien puede ayudarme con alguna orientación. adjunto mensaje de error.

I am currently experiencing an issue where upon importing payables invoices (we utilize eConnect API), our multicurrency transactions are exhibiting different behavior. For example, our Euro transactions seem to be using an exchange rate that lies within the posting date (this is the expected behavior) - If I import a transaction today, I'd like to use an exchange rate in effect today. Whereas, our GBP transaction seem to be using the next available exchange rate from the document date (not posting date). So if i import an invoice today that is dated from May, it is using a May exchange rate rather than an active one today. I'm convinced this is a setting between the exchange rate types/tables, however, everywhere i've looked EURO and GBP settings seem to match. Is anyone aware of a solution for this issue and where this setting may live in GP that i appear to me missing.

i've checked rate type setup, exchange table maintenance, currency setup all to no avail.

thank you!



I need to change my payment credit card and the page does not appear to be online.
Hi good day! You could help me with this requirement.

I have an Item, and I would like to know the quotation, order, invoice, return, back order, etc ... to determine the quantity and its unit of measure.

With this I would like to track each quantity in each of the types of sales documents.

Thank you

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