This article details your first web client mod. 

Our lot in life is not 'detailed program specifications', we do 'RAD'. Rapid development. 

So, in as few words as possible:



When opening the payables batch entry form, we'd like to default to Checkbook in the Payables Batch entry form. The attached VBA code will do the trick

Hi everyone,

I need to create a trigger (or a SQL alert) to notify me when a new customer is added to RM00101 without a Salesperson ID [SLPRSNID].

Is there anyone out there who can help me?

Much appreciated

Paul Chacko



I am trying to upgrade our system from Microsoft 2015 to Microsoft GP 2016.  I noted that Microsoft GP 2016 no longer support  the Microsoft Office 2010. I am concern because I just implemented an Excel Refreshable reports that uses Office 2010.  Companywide, we have no plan to upgrade to office 2016 anytime soon.  Do you have any article or reference that address these  kind of issues. Please help.

Thank you.



I need information from PM Apply to History and PM Paid Transaction History.  I also want to get the account number in there that the transactions are posted to.  There is a TRXSource field in the PM Paid Transaction History table that looks like the only possible conduit to the account number.  Is there another table(s) to link to in order to get the account number?

I know it can be done from the PM Distribution History, I want the other 2 tables.

Hola, tengo un reporte en reporting services y cuando se genera en el internet explorer se ve la pagina del explorarador en blanco como si no hubiese nada. Pero al exportarlo a PDF el reporte se exporta completo..

si alguien me puede dar una sugerencia para correrigir esto y que el reporte se vea igual en el explorado?, le estare muy agradecido..



Hello, I have a report in reporting services and when it is generated in Internet Explorer the explorer page is seen blank as if there was nothing. But when exporting to PDF the report is exported complete ..

If someone can give me a suggestion to run this and the report looks the same on the scanned ?, I will be very grateful ..


Cuando se intenta hacer un nuevo cheque por la ventana de editar cheques (transacciones > compras > editar Cheques) se genera el siguiente error(imagen).

ademas el numero de pago queda sin generar y en griz el campo.

When you try to create a new check through the edit window (transactions> purchases> Edit Checks), the following error is generated (image). In addition the payment number is not generated and the field in grid.

The pmControlNumberValidate stored procedure returned the following results



Error: At least one input variable contains a null value in the taPMDistributionCreate

We previously matched invoices in DGP and Receipts that originated from Ariett (procurement).

A month back Finance switched the process to shipment/invoice using Ariett so now all the status is poptype 3.


Numerous reports are broken that relied on pop10600 table. When I look in the POP10600 table there is no recent data after April 4th the day we made the change. 

I am not able to match PO receipts with Invoice receipts now, it the only option to now roll back to the previous posting proccess?


Thank you




Hi there what will be the correct way in GP to disable order editing after it's in certain status, say, sent to warehouse for picking? Appreciated very much!

Good evening,

     I need to void the check 020904 (see below) for employee BEI001 $200.40, the problem is that is a triplicate check and the system showing the following message "There are not checks in this range to void for this checkbook id and year", additional to do a negative check to adjust, you have any other alternative maybe modifying UPR tables? Any suggestion is welcome.





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