This article discusses this eConnect error,

Sql procedure error codes returned:

Error Number = 380 Stored Procedure= taPoHdr Error Description = Purchase Address ID (VADCDPAD) does not exist in the Vendor Address Table - PM00300
Node Identifier Parameters: taPoHdr
PONUMBER = PO16/01919
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taPoHdr
VADCDPAD = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.


This article will walk you through installing Web Services for GP 2015     

This article discusses this eConnect error:

Sql procedure error codes returned:

Error Number = 712 Stored Procedure= taRMTransaction Error Description = Tax amount (TAXAMNT) does not equal tax details in RM10601
Node Identifier Parameters: taRMTransaction
DOCDATE = 7/16/2015
CUSTNMBR = 13498
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taRMTransaction
TAXAMNT = 0.15000

<DOCDESCR>Consolidated Invoice</DOCDESCR>
<ADRSCODE>13498 102909581</ADRSCODE>
<USRDEFND1>13498 102909581</USRDEFND1>

I tried to get it all in the title: we're going to create a data driven Excel spreadsheet that uses a stored procedure for a data source, and the stored procedure has a parameter.


I got a call from a customer today and he wanted to know the WSDL for Web Services for Dynamics, and it took me longer than I wanted to to put my hands on it. I'll blog it for reference purposes

This document, and all our eConnect documentation, is available on the eConnect menu

This post is shorter than most, but it's one of those things that I need all the time and have to look for.

Whenever you create a new eConnect project and you want to create a service reference, you need the address. I'll track the addresses for each version here.


I am trying to use taRMApply to apply credit memos to invoices.  they are both in a non Functional currency (i.e. EUR instead of USD).

The client is on GP10 but may upgrade to the latest GP later this year.

The message I get from econnect is that it cannot apply documents that are not in the originating currency.

Has anyone figured out a way to get around this? 

Thanks in advance!


Hello experts,

We are trying to create an integration of some sort that will be able import/integrate employees billable and non billable project expenses.  This will be for our project module.  Currently we recieve a spreadsheet of employees expense and have to enter them manually into GP.

Is there a way where we can automate this process.  Maybe setting up a table where we can import the spreadsheet and then have the eConnect integration send it to GP?


Any help is apprecicate it.



Este error me aparece cada vez que requiero ejecutar código VB en GP 10.0

podrían sugerirme como resolverlo, al archivo al que hace referencia si esta. Por alguna razón no lo lee.



This error occurs whenever I run VB code. Could you suggest how to solve it , the file referenced if . For some reason not read . regards, 


I have a client looking using a .NET app to call  a GP Web Service to create Journal entries.  Is there a way to call the GP Web Service to import Bank Transactions?   I see there is an eConnect node for it but not sure on the Web Services.  

Secondly - is there a good Web Services resource on DynDevleoper or somewhere else that I can start to look at?  I'm pretty new to the Web Services side of things.

Any response is much appreciated!

I have a report requirement that wants me to list the Check Number, the Check Date (the Date the Check was issued), theTEN99AMNT and other stuff for a period of time.

I have a couple of questions having never done anything GP and looking at tables with cryptic names.

1. What field represent the Check Number? I would've thought PM30200.DOCNUMBR but I am seeing some weird things in there like January 2008 or Rent xxxx

2. What field represent the Check Date. Date Check was printed/Issued. PM30200 has DOCDATE, POSTEDDT, PSTGDATE that look like OK candidates for me but the user is telling me she is certain those aren't it.

In Dynamics GP Manufacturing, where are the MO transactions with related serial numbers stored?

El siguiente mensaje aparece al ejecutar código VB. Este código se ejecuta al presionar el botón lista de empaque, que como su nombre lo indica me da opciones para crear packingList... Podrían darme alguna recomendación para evitar que ocurra?

 The following message appears when running VB code. This code is executed by pressing the packing list button, which as its name suggests it gives me options to create packingList ... Could you give me some recommendation to prevent it from happening ?

An ISO 4217 Currency Code must be three characters long; your value is

The above error is what I'm getting in trying to pull SalesOrders between start and end timestamps. The exception shows up in the exception view as 'There was an error in the XML document at (1, 766).' but after opening it and drilling into the inner exception you see the currency code note.

Searching the error message in Google will yield the following MS article about duplicate ISO codes, which GP itself allows but Web Services doesn't allow.

Now, I went into Tools > Setup > System > Currency and checked each code, writing it out as I went and looked for duplicates, found none.

I checked [DYNAMICS].[dbo].[MC40200], which really just shows the list I saw in the UI, verified no duplicates.

I checked [BRICK].[dbo].[MC40000] and the only entry was my Z-US$ and it had the matching index id, etc from MC40200. All looks good there.

I'm stuck now as I don't have any other reported reason why I should be getting this error.

On a recent job, we needed to open a form with a RadDock control, and then to open about 9 DocumentWindows inside it. Each document window had in it a winform Form. This code example shows how to do that.



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