This is not ground breaking code, it's kind of mundane. But it took me 3 hours to get it all working; I'm going to blog it so I don't have to do it again.

This article shows a SQL script and a DOS batch file that can be used to backup an instance of SQL Express, and then to delete files older than x days.


This short article will cover the steps needed to upgrade and existing eConnect app to GP2015

This article will be the overview for the process of installing Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP. There are several steps, we'll break them up to make it easier to understand. For an overview of all the steps, look here

This short article exposes the exposed endpoints in Service Based Architecture

This article will walk you through creating a Self Signed Certificate in IIS 8. This certificate will be necessary to install Dynamics GP Web Components

Installing Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP is a series of steps that need to be coordinated. Be sure that you're using our guide located here


This article walks you through installing the Dynamics GP Web Components on a single machine.

Installing Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP is a series of steps that need to be coordinated. Be sure that you're using our guide located here

When I populate dropdownlists, I frequently want to add a new row at the top. I've figured out that you can easily add one at the bottom with DataTable.Rows.Add(), but that's... not elegant. This article is just a few lines of code that shows how to add one at the top.

Why bother blogging such a simple piece of code?


I want to code quickly and efficiently and I can do that best if I have all the code samples that I needs at my fingertips instead of having to wade through endless blog entries. (some of which are innacurate)

Are you using the menus? Any subjects we can add? Tutorials

When trying to import a package file into Dynamics GP 2015, I get this error:

You do not have sufficient privileges on this system to modify the VBA project


I am trying to create a Project Costing Report using Project Accounting tables.  It appears I am missing price changes (between the receiving of the material and the invoice), project add-ons, etc...  Looking at the combined history table, it looks like table "PA01001" has this information.   

My question is regarding the linking to this table.  Have any of you used this table and what field are you joining to? 

Thank you,







I'm having an issue in VBA for GP 2015. My code works great on GP2010 however does not on GP2015. I went through and debugged the code and it looks like the connection to sql is not being made. The specific line of code that returns “Nothing” and I believe the cause of the trouble is UserInfoGet.CreateADOConnection. I did check the references but I do not know if maybe there is a reference needed for 2015 that was not needed in 2010? Or do you know of any change in 2015 that would not allow this connection? Can you help?

Hi there,

i've been trying to retrieve the smartconnect web service URL for the Excel templates after smartconnect install (web services and windows services included).

Going into IIS manager (we are on 6), the websites folder does not contain the Smartconnect website. 

Did i forget something?



Error: Duplicate Order

recien he instalado GP 10.0 en un computador con sistema operativo windows 8.1 y el Smarlist no me permite exportar a Excel. La vercion de OFFICE instalada es la 2013


I recently installed GP 10.0 on a computer with windows 8.1 operating system and Smarlist not allow me to export to Excel. The vercion is installed OFFICE 2013

Hi, I'm trying to join cm20200 with gl20000. I need to see which checkbook entries are missing from the GL cash account. I can get close, but I keep running into non unique fields to join on. I've used case statements to try and cut the data differently. They help, but generally lead to a one to many. Any suggestions on how to trace an entry from cm20200 to gl20000 that will cover all the different types of cm20200 possibilities?



We are trying to implement an MES system and integrate to GP.  We need to be able to write punches back to GP.  As we understand it, we need to write this information back to the SF010500 table where the configured ADC will then process it.  We understand all of the fields required excepting  DATAENTRYTYPEADC_I  what are the possible values this field need to contain, and does ADCDEVICEID_I need to contain anything?

My customer wants all the quantities we import to go into QTYTBAOR so they do not affect inventory.  They adjust this field at the time they process & ship.


I tried setting QTYTBAOR = to the quantity ordered but I’m getting the eConnect error below.  I was able to get the order in when I set DEFPRICING = 1 but it no longer used the correct price level (PRCLEVEL) and it seemed to think there were 2 items instead of 1.  I tried removing the QUANITY field but that’s mandatory.  Can you help me understand what combination of values I need to set to make this work?  Thank you!




Error Number = 299  Stored Procedure= taSopLineIvcInsert  Error Description = Unit Price calculation does not match out to Extended price

Node Identifier Parameters: taSopLineIvcInsert



LNITMSEQ = 16384

Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taSopLineIvcInsert



UNITPRCE = 15.17

MRKDNAMT = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.

XTNDPRCE = 15.17
























I have been asked to make a some Journal Entries into Great Plains problematically. I am a .net developer who programs in C#. What tools do I need to accomplish this? I have been reading about EConnect 2013 but do not see any way to download this product. 

Some insight into this would be most appreciated.


Scott Kay


I am seeing a scenario where we are getting "001" appended to the end of the document number.


Cm12345001 for a Sales Entry (BCHSOURC)

Then we have a RM_Sales (BCHSOURC) with a document number Cm12345.

I google this and found some information that seemed to indicate that this is by design if there are 2 documents with the same doc number. I did not find anything in the GP help file.

Can anyone confirm that this is by design, or is there something else possibly incorrect?

We are using GP 2010

This is a simple example for using the Telerik RadAsyncUpload control
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