Ever needed to get the eConnect version on the system that you're working on?                       

I get this error occasionally, and it's usually self explanatory. Often I need to turn on the CREATEDIST parameter.

Today was different:


Note the suspicious lack of any error.


We noticed while working on this site (we actively develop the site, but we also use it all day long in our day job <smiles>) that the Search feature didn't work on the home page. But, it worked on any other page.

Put another way, if we were on it would not work, but if we were on it would work.


I struggle mightily with Regex, so every time that I achieve something I blog it.

Today, I wanted to look into the URL of a web site and remove part of the query string. Specifically, in these cases:

I wanted to remove the 'userid=xxxxx' out of the url.

I'm trying to run a SOP eConnect transaction into Dynamics GP, and I'm getting a series of errors that I've not seen before. (and I've seen a lot <smiles>)


When I open the SOP Entry window and expand the line, I see that Site ID and Price Level are disabled.


Also, the Item Setup is not being respected: when I key an item it populates with 'EACH' and no Unit Price but I clearly have a price level set up for this customer and item and the UOM should be EA and there should be a price.


I'm a developer with limited GP experience (but I do know how to set up customers and items), could anyone shed some light on why these things are happening?

I have (I believe) an authentication issue.  Trying to use GP Web Services to push data into a GP database.

I have GP (2013), GP Web Services, and SQL Server (2008 R2) installed on one server, and I am hooked into the Web Service through VS2012 on a separate machine.  

I have been able to retrieve data using the GetCompanyList() method; but any method requiring a policy object fails at the point of retrieving the policy object with GetPolicyByOperation() (I've tried with CreateCustomer() and CreateSalesInvoice() ).

I have been working with four different accounts -- DYNSA, sa, GPServices, and my AD user account.  As far as I can tell, I have configured all four accounts with full access to SQL Server, GP, and GP Web Services.  Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that I have something configured wrong with one or all of these accounts.

I get two different error sequences, depending on which account I assign to the DynamicsGPClient object.  Sequence one returns a client-side exception message "The caller was not authenticated by the service.", and nothing on the server.  This guy had the same issue, but no one ever responded.

Sequence two returns the generic client-side "unhandled system exception" message, and on the server side (in the Dynamics Exception Console) I get "Microsoft.Dynamics.Security.NonExistentSecurityObjectException : The security object does not exist.  Key = 0".  It's my understanding that "Key = 0" refers to the Company ID.  Our test company is ID 1, and that is definitely the value I am assigning in the Context parm ... so why the server is looking for Key 0, I don't know.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here is a question that I hope has a simple answer!!

 We have 22 GP databases and have a need to set up Parent Debtor ID;s across these databases; some debtors will exist in multiple databases and we want to combine and have 1 master Patent debtor ID for all company's

 What is the best method of maintaining these ID's  across all databases?


Many thanks

Does anybody know how to find the valid values assigned to BCHSOURCE in the PM tables (specifically PM20000/PM30200)?  Is there a reliable way to identify Computer Check payments besides the BCHSOURCE field?


I have a question about GP10's ability to import and apply credit memos to invoices.

1. Can it be done? I don't see any options.

2. eConnect can do it right?  in GP10?

If it cannot be done in GP10 natively, what are the options?  The client may not upgrade to a later version of GP due to the possibility of moving to a new product.  

I know smart connect may work, and I have a question out to them on it.

Thanks in advance!!!


I need a query that returns all shipments to customers for a given date range. It needs to include all usage scenarios, i.e. fulfillment orders, invoices.

Apologies for the newbie type of question. 


It looks like I can just use IV30300 for Transaction Document Types = 6.

Code to iterate through a RadGridView                       
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