Here's the problem: You are writing an SSRS report and you want to sum a value that is in a group header. In Crystal we would do this using a running total field. (sigh)

In the image below, we're written a SOP report and we want to sum the DOCAMNT field. If we just do that, we get a number that is way too big, because it sums for each line in the order. The SSRS way to fix this is to use variables; but that approach is so inelegant.

What we really want is in the DOCAMNT2 column:

Here's a technique that makes this very simple

Is anyone aware of a 'best practice' document for installing SQL Server for Dynamics GP?

I'm looking for how many drives, and where the different files should be placed, stuff like that.

We've published some new requested functionality in Beta format - the My Account page now has functionality to allow you to print invoices to get reimbursed for the expense.

It should be fairly straight forward. If you see any issues please note them on this thread and we'll fix them right away.

Alternatively, you can send an email to if the info is private.

Thanks, and happy testing!

I am having an issue that is causing me problems, our orders and invoices are assigned as follows, Orders: ORD008XXXXXX Invoices: 006XXXXXXXXX occasionally when an order is generated the order number is substituted with an invoice number without the normal “a unique number could not be found” error. Even though they have an invoice number they still have the SOPTYPE of order (2). We do also on occasion get the flashing curser and the “a unique number could not be found” error but it has been more of the former lately. Any incite into what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated. 


We are in the process of upgrading our finance system from GP9 / BP3 to GP2013 / BP6 on the whole this hasn't been to bad but I am now installing BP 6 which at this point we are only using for timesheet entry. What I have found is that the performance is really bad! When making any selection on the web page it can take any where from 10 - 15 seconds to refresh.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so any suggestions.


We are running the following structure

Complete VM environment on a separate Blade

SQL / App / Web App all on windows 2008 64 bit 8GB RAM


Web app server has IIS running and is just BP at the moment but I want to add the Web Client .


Any ideas

How can I combine the 2 queries below so that it looks for vendors that don’t exist in the PM30200 & PM20000 at one time? I think I need a union on the 2 tables. I basically want to search for vendors that have never had activity in the open or history tables.

 select vendorid from pm00200 where vendorid not in

(select vendorid from PM30200)


select vendorid from pm00200 where vendorid not in

(select vendorid from PM20000)

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