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If you code with Telerik, here's a small helper. I search their documentation for hours trying to find a way to turn on the 'today' button in the RadDateTime picker. There are two code examples in C but I couldn't translate them

Anyway... here's the code snippet.

Coding techniques for the Telerik Winforms RadSpin Editor control

We've got a simple SOP transaction blogged here


This article extends on that, and adds distributions to the mix. This is a complete example, it will run as is against the two database.

This article is an example of the XML document that is sent to Dynamics for a POPReceivingsType
This article contains a simple piece of code to initialize a Generic List

This article contains a PM Aged Trial Balance script that is a work in progress. I don't have signoff yet, so there are probably some issues with it. But it's a good start.

Do not use this in production until you've proved the data.

We just upgraded a GP 9 customer from SQL 2000 to 2005, and the environment is responding much more slowly than before. I'm wondering if anyone has some sage advice.

Before you start judging me on GP9/SQL2005, I can't help that. I'm just a dev/sql guy, I don't make the decisions.

Anyway, GP 9 is running on a newer Server 2008 64 bit terminal server, and SQL is a 32bit Server 2003 box.

GP responds about twice as fast when you open the client on the server as opposed to the TS box. Neither box appears particularly taxed, about 15 users on the TS right now.


we have a license now for extender.  it is setup in the company modules, but how do i enable the menu for it in GP?



In the utilities of Great Plains Dynamics their is the option to change the Currency or Quantity decimal places for an existing item, but it only allows you to do this when no one is in the system working on transactions. I am trying to create a vb application that mimics these functions. Does anyone know what stored procedures those two options call or does anyone have a SQL script that does just that (change the decimal places)?



I'm getting File does not begin with %pdf- when trying to print a Crystal report to pdf in a web environment...

Anyone seen that?

Does anyone have a script to combine items into one new item?
Is there a doc that explains all the Distribution types used by GP GL ?
How is a customer in GP associated with the Price Books and Price Schedules? Is there a direct table link between RM Customer master and a pricebook table?

Edit 9/16/15 View the main article for this error here 

I’m trying to update a sales order in GP and I’m having some trouble sorting out the following eConnect error.  Do you have any ideas what it’s complaining about? The other errors I cleared up were more obvious.  We’re pulling the values out of GP directly to try to satisfy eConnect so I’m not sure why it’s unhappy.  The eConnect data file is attached.   

Sql procedure error codes returned: Error Number = 56 Stored Procedure= taSopHdrIvcInsert Error Description = Input variable contains a duplicate document Node Identifier Parameters: taSopHdrIvcInsert SOPNUMBE = 000000049 SOPTYPE = 2 Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taSopHdrIvcInsert SOPNUMBE = 000000049 SOPTYPE = 2 <taSopHdrIvcInsert> <SOPTYPE>2</SOPTYPE> <DOCID>ESECS </DOCID> <SOPNUMBE>000000049</SOPNUMBE> <DOCDATE>3/27/2013 12:00:00 AM</DOCDATE> <FREIGHT>5.74</FREIGHT> <CUSTNMBR>530 <

I'm banging my head against the wall trying to figure out the right combination of field values and settings to get a SOP transaction into GP

I've been getting 799 & 868 & 235 errors.  I think it all revolves around tax amount but what the right combination is.  Do I pass tax amount in on the SOP Line Inv Insert, do I set Create Taxes on the Header to 1, Do pass in the tax amount on the header to I not pass in tax amount on the header,  Do I set USERHEADERLEVERTAXES, etc.  It's a nightmare.  I swear MS can take a paper clip and make it complicated

Just looking for the correct field value setting combination.  All tax details and schedules are already in GP so no need to use the SOP Line Inv Tax Insert.  Just need the correct combination.  Thanks.