This article will cover issues related to setting up Dynamics Email Alerts, including:

SQL Server blocked access to procedure'sys.xp_sendmail' ol component 'SQL MailXP's because this component is turned off as part of the security configuration for this server.



We recently upgraded a client from GP 9 to GP2010, and along with that the SQL Server upgraded from 2000 to 2008.

This client is heavily customized (because... that's that we do) and they have about 30 triggers running on Dynamics tables that power business logic. We were paniced to learn that SQL treads triggers differently in 2008. Triggers that didn't recurse now recuse to the maximum level allowed (32) and then throw an error. Very, very bad.

We experimented with turning off the SERVER setting of 'Allow triggers to fire others'... but we need that to happen.

We looked at the DATABASE setting of 'Recursive triggers enabled', that is set to false and we're OK with that. We don't want the same trigger calling itself.

We think it's largely the blame of new triggers that are present in GP 2010 that update the table that they're built on, and that fires our triggers... and you get an echo effect of triggers calling triggers.

So... here's our solution.


I recently needed to delete a user from SQL, but the user owned a schema in each database; and the server had about 25 databases. It wouldn't let me just delete the user from the Security node, I had to go into each db and delete the schema and then delete the user. After I had done about three of these I remembered an undocumented stored procedure that lets you write code that will execute in each db, one at a time.

It's not groundbreading code; but it's cool to have an example of to do some quick maintenance, so... here it is

This article will cover deploying the suite of SSRS reports that comes bundled with Dynamics GP 2010, and also cover the errors that we encountered and how to fix them.


The SQL Server Reporting Services setup information is not valid

The deployment exceeded the maximum request length allowed by the target server. Set maxRequestLength="20690" in the web.config file and try deploying again.

(in part)


The item 'Report Models/<companyName>/<companyName>_Inventory' cannot be found.

 (in part)

rsItemNotFount400The item '/<companyname>/Purchasing/Charts and KPIs' cannot be found.





There was an error writing to the pipe: The pipe is being closed

This error occurrs on GP 2010 and is generated by the WCF web service.

This article will show how to solve this issue.


Ever since I started coding in Visual Studio 2012, I'm seeing the following warning in eConnect projects:

There was a mismatch between the processor architecture of the project being built "MSIL" and the processor architecture of the reference "C:\Projects\LRVTools\LRVLibrary\bin\Debug\LRVLibrary.dll", "x86". This mismatch may cause runtime failures. Please consider changing the targeted processor architecture of your project through the Configuration Manager so as to align the processor architectures between your project and references, or take a dependency on references with a processor architecture that matches the targeted processor architecture of your project. LRVService

It's not a serious thing, but it is an irritation. This article briefly discusses the warning and how to remove it.


The SY00500 table (batch master) on one of my GP databases has almost 50,000 records which makes any search for batches on GP extremely slow.  Most of these batches on the sy00500 table does not have any transactions associated to it and have created dates since 2007.  Is there any impact if I delete all the records according to a criteria?

where creatddt < '20120101'
and numoftrx = 0

We just started getting a new error on web services. There have been no changes to the code base.

System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[System.ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail]: A validation exception has occurred.

Validation Errors:

- Unable to get payment number

Not sure why this is happening. We are updating an existing sales order that has a payment attached.

My Company is very serial centric and occasionally an order or invoice gets voided, is there anyway to track the serial number that was on the invoice when it was voided, I tried looking at the SOP10201 table but that did not give me the info I need. I need to match the SOP number to the Line item to the Serial number on voided transactions if at all possible. 


I am trying to upgrade my GP 10 SP 3 to SP 4.  When I click the installation package everything runs smoothly.  Then I open GP Utilities and as expected it tells me that I have to upgrade my databases.  When it starts the upgrade I almost immediately get the following error

The following SQL statement produced an error:
 CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [AK2EXT40800] ON [dbo].[EXT40800]  ( [Extender_Menu_Name] ASC, [DEX_ROW_ID] ASC ) ON [PRIMARY]  

Any ideas of how to solve this?


I'm trying to get a detailed summary of gl accounts.

Where do I start?



I have an item that is showing -1 Sold on the Item inquiry window, the On hand = 3, Allocated =1, Available = 2, On order =250, and the rest are 0. I did an inventory reconcile on that Item number but it didn't help, is there any way to fix it in the tables?  I know that IV00102 has the Negative value but I doubt it would be as simple as just  totaling the Quantity Received and subtracting the Quantity Sold displayed on the Purchase Receipts Inquiry window then changing the QTYSOLD value on IV00102 to 158 (Quantity Received =161 - 3 Not sold = 158) 

Thanks in advance for any help


I applied SP 4 on my GP 10 test environment.  I am testing all to make sure everything is working fine.  Everything seems to be ok but when I try to access to some of my custom extender windows I get a message saying 

" This module isn't registered.  To register this module, contact your MS GP Representative"

any ideas on how to fix this without calling them?



i was running through the installation media for gp11....i found under the "AdProd" directory something called "OSSWizard".

can someone tell me what this is?  i have already installed the business portal for sharepoint 2010, but i have no idea what this is for.



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