This short code example will show how to format a text box for numeric values

Currently, we only show how to format for percent values... but we hope to expand it.

Recently I was asked to write a web service that would expose Dynamics GP tables. I've got code to grab the data and populate a DataTable, but I was missing the 'serialize' piece

This short code example will show how to take a DataTable and serialize it into a String.  

This is an XML file that will create a SOP document.

This is a bare minimum document that will auto create taxes. In the line we specify only the quantity, the pricing and extensions are defaulted.


A few months ago I posted the XML needed to create a SOP Payment transaction. Here's the other side - the code neede to generate the XML


This article covers common coding techniques associated with the Telerik RadDropDownList.


This is a walk through for creating a simple Navigation List using Dynamics GP 2010's Navigation List Builder. 

In this example we'll create a list of items and create an Action to open the Item Maintenance window. 


I have 10 thin clients using Remote Desktop to connect to a Server 2008 R2 64 bit and with SQL SERVER 2008 where Dynamics gp 10 is, but when the users shut down their systems and come back the next day the printer ports assign previously is inactive and windows will assign new ports to printers and no one can't print.

Question: How can I configure Windows server to not create new ports everytime the users shut down or restart their systems and leave the port assign unchange? 

Is there a configuration file that stores the company ID that defaults in when a user clicks on the policy in Dynamics Security Console?

I am getting an unhandled exception error in Security Console - which which I look in exception console is referencing company id -1.

Interestingly - TWO is installed - but when I run the Web Services Configuration Wizard - TWO (Fabrikam) is not recognized.....

My thoery is a config file is referencing Fabrikam (-1) somewhere.........

Should I uninstall TWO and re-install? How does Web Services recoginize a company created after the initial install?



Edit 9/16/15 View the main post for this error here 

Error Number = 56 Stored Procedure taSopHdrlvclnsert Error Description = Input variable contains a duplicate document

Node IdentiFier Parameters: taSopHdrlvclnsert


Edit 9/16/15 View the main post for this error here 

Error Number = 60 Stored Procedure tasopHdrlvclnsert Error Description = Payment total does not match line deposit + credit card payment total
Node IdentiFier Parameters: taSopHdrlvclnsert

I got the above two errors while doing an eConnect SOP Payment integration, so I thought I'd document them.

I had copied the code from here but that code (I think) is GP2010 and I'm doing GP9.

This article covers common coding techniques associated with the Telerik Winforms RadDropDownList.


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