The FICA/Social Security tax table cannot be found. Paychecks cannot be calculated

I got this in GP9, SP4, after running MicrosoftDynamicsGP-KB2477913-v9-ENU.msp

I'm not sure exactly what what wrong, the tables (UPR41300, UPR41301, UPR41302, UPR41303 in the Dynamics database) all seemed to be there...




I am trying to add multiple lines into inventory transfer,  i have successfully enter the transfer header, transfer line item and transfer lot, but when i try to add multiple line items it gives me the error: The trx quantity <> the sum of serial/ Lots?

Please give me the solution for it?




I am planning on using eConnect for data extraction.  The data is based on Items and Item Price Lists.  I read through the eConnect Administrator's manual, and there are quite a few ways to accomplish this including (eConnect Transaction Requester Service, Transaction Requester .NET calls, and eConnect Replication).

Which one are you using and and why?


I have an odd and simple question, I hope.  I used the Direct Document Sender for eConnect for a long time with earlier versions of eConnect.  Since they have moved it to Visual Studio, I just have not had the need for it but a couple of times.  Both times I was in a hurry and able to solve my issue another way once I hit the following road block so I just dropped it.


I have eConnect 11 Installed with GP2010 on SQL2008 and VS2008.  When I go to open the .sln VS throws up a message about needing to upgrade the solution.  I stop, make a backup of the sln then let it go through its paces.  It is obviously failing but not raising an error.  If I go launch it again VS will not let it open because it does not like the version of the .vbproj file. 


How am I supposed to be doing this?  Is VS2008 not an acceptable version?  I have been googling all over the place and not finding a resolution.  Thought you might have an idea or could point me somewhere
Hi everybody  
Could you please let me know the table name for Inventory Posting Account.

I would like to fetch inventory account maped against a particular item.  Regards Rajesh..
Below is a walk through for adding Menus for Visual Studio Tools GP2010 to a project. It's very similar to the GP10 code, but there are some new added enhancements, including the ability to hide/show menu items on the fly. You can also 'Register With Security', giving you the abilty to hide/show a menu item based on the security to a GP form.
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