We are trying to get eConnect to cancel a single line on a PO that has multiple lines on it. The problem is, when we cancel the this line item the PO is also canceled. This then prevents us from receiving anymore items on this PO.

 Is it possible to use eConnect to do this, cancel a single line on a PO and leave the rest of the PO unchanged? If so, does anyone have a working example?

 We have tried numerous variations of our eConnect code, but we can't get it to work. It either cancels the entire PO or doesn't update anything at all.

 Any help, direction, or insight is greatly appreciated.



Dear All,

I'm trying to add my cutom forms to the Manufacturing menu, but I can't find any resources tell me about the technical names for the menu links



(346, "Command_MFG", "CL_Manufacturing_Routing_Cards")


what about the other Menu links technical names??

We have a utility program that creates a Return using eConnect (GP 8, eConnect 8.05). A return can affect one, and only one, Invoice at a time  The net effect is that the Invoice is always cancelled out. 

Here is how the utility currently works:

  1. User selects a posted Invoice document (SOPTYPE =3) 
  2. Header, Line Item, Lot, Distribution  and Tax information are copied from the Invoice into a dataset
  3. A new Return Number ID is retrieved from Great Plains
  4. the data retrieved in step two is updated to use the new Return Number ID and type information.  In addition, the CSTPONBR field in the Header will contain the original Invoice Number (this is how we tie a Return document back to its Invoice)
  5. eConnect is called to create a Return document using the copied/updated data


This works fine, except that the Return seems to need its own Master Number.  In other words, I cannot set the MSTRNUMB field for the Return document to match the Invoice.  My guess is that GP doesn't consider Returns to be specific to a particular Invoice (which is what we need).  However, I would still expect a Return to be part of a Contract, and the only way to do this is by using the same Master Number.

Any ideas? I could always make a SQL call and immediately update the Master Number of the new Return document, but I'd like to set it through eConnect if possible.

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