Hi all, I'm new to Dynamics GP and eConnect and am at the bottom of the learning curve, so please bare with me if I ask a stupid question.

I'm currently working on an AP project where we are wanting to develop a library in c# that wraps around eConnect and exposes a standard interface that our products can talk to.

I've read through the programmers guide/reference and have also looked at a bunch of samples, and spent many an hour searching the web. I get the concept of how to use eConnect but have not found much detail on the AP side of the product. 

The core functionality that we are needing is to add (or insert, or import) PO'ed invoices (invoice that applies to an purchase order) and non PO'ed invoices (invoice without a matching order) to GP.

From a big picture standpoint, we have a solution set up that captures scanned, emailed, and EDI invoices, extracts all the index information (both header and line item details), and assigns a vendor/account number.  We now need to feed this information into GP for validation and settlement.

Could anyone point me in the right direction to samples, articles, books, etc for inserting, updating and retrieving AP invoice information?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice you can give.


 Hello, is there a GL Budget import schema in eConnect? I only see PA (project account) budgets.  I'm looking for a financial budget.  Thanks.

I've a custom form which updates SOP. I want to prevent any updates if record is being edited by some other user. How can i check this? Is there any property/DB Field to indicate record locking?

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