Does anyone know what tables are effected by the taPMManualCheck sproc? I need to do some modification in the taPMManualCheckPost sproc, but I am not sure which tables the data goes into.

When I'm trying to post batches using

Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.Dynamics.Forms.SopBatchEntry.Procedures.PostBatch.Invoke(false, 2, _arrBatchList[i].ToString(), "Sales Entry", DestinationID);

some times it post normally and another times it gave me the follwing error


"SQL Error: 2601 cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.AAG20000' with unique index 'AK2AAG20000' "


Please Help???

I got the following error when I Use the Employee Expense Transaction through eConnect. The error is  "String was not recognized as a valid datetime at EcecuteSotedProcedured............."

Please note the same XML  is working fine in Our developement environment and throwing the error at the Client side.

The link above is to David Musgrave's blog entry on 'Menus'. Here I'll walk you through the setup.


We have strange situation that we need your support in.

For example

1.       We have stock for item X = 100

2.       Make invoice using e-Connect for item X = 70

3.       Then the expectation to find this item allocated by 70, but we find the item is allocated by 100.

While we are trying to solve this issue, we make an invoice by the whole qty (100) then we delete it, the allocation now is 70, and there is qty = 30 free now!

I think that the e-Connect make wrong allocation or something like that, what do you think about this wrong allocation?

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