I'm looking to fill out some fields on a GP window, and also populate a line in a scrolling window.  Is it possible to fill out a line in a scrolling window with VS Tools?

When I try, the fields appear to be momentarily populated, but then the scrolling window flashes, gets cleared completely, and then a header field gets focus.

I'm trying to set the line fields using this approach:

ivTransferEntryWindow.IvTransferScroll.ItemNumber.Value = "TEST100";



Within VS 2005 when I try to attach the Dynamics.exe process to debug my code in VB.NET with a beakpoint I get a yellow circle with a exclamation mark saying "the breakpoint will not be hit.  No symbols have been loaded for this docment.". 

I have google'd and gone through various troubleshooting steps including the repair of .NET Framework 2.0, repair of VS 2005 etc.  But nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas?





Every once in a while something just ... gets to you.

.NET 2.0 Framework Not Detected while installing Dynamics GP 10.0

I got this error trying to upgrade Dynamics GP9 to GP10.

I'll save you the hours of hair pulling.

 Hello, I'm getting a 9177 error:

Stored Procedure taSopLineIvcInsert

Error Description = Currency/Price Level/UofM combination is not included in price list for this item

Prior to bringing in the SOP document I create new items via IVItemMasterType.  I can create the item without error but the SOP doc thows the 9177 error.  So I believe I'm not setting something with I create the document.  I've enclosed the IVItemMasterType document here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<eConnect xmlns="dt=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes">
  <IVItemMasterType xmlns="">
      <ConnectionString>Data Source=localhost;
         Initial Catalog=TWO;Integrated Security=SSPI</ConnectionString>
      <ITEMNMBR>Green Widget 1</ITEMNMBR>
      <ITEMDESC>Green Widget 1</ITEMDESC>

 I'm not sure what else I need to set to create the Currency/Price Level/UofM combination.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance





I want to prevent users from editing unposted SOP invoices. but he can see all details at any level but when he/she press save I want to prevent him/her


There is no option rather that (Save / Delete / Cancel)


Please Help !!!!!!

Sometimes (usually as a result of a trigger that is not runing correctly) SOP transaction don't move smoothly from the open to the history tables.

Here's a script to fix that.


Cannot access this form because the dictionary containing it is not loaded

Two issues:


The VS Developer's Guide states that accessing tables through VS Tools integration is much simpler then craeting and managning external connections to the dB. 

My question is how do one access a user table in a dB which is not part of the Dynamics.dic?  In VBA I could use ADO and create connection to the dB and do whatever I desire.



Dear all

I am working with GP 10 SP4 and developer toolkit C#.

I want to make automatic posting, so I found this method “Dynamics.Forms.SopBatchEntry.Procedures.PostBatch.Invoke(5 Prameters)

I don’t know what to give for these parameters.

So please advise me.

Thank you


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