Does anyone know what table(s) are effected by the taPMManualCheck transaction? I am having a problem getting the transactions to take "PYENTTYP = 3" so I want to use the Post sproc to insert the record even if the normal sproc denies it because it's business rules think that 3 is not a valid value.

 Hello, I've installed the eConnect sdk for GP10 and it installed the eConnectSalesOrder_CSharp_ConsoleApplication.sln and project sample but there is supposed to be a Test.cs file and it's missing.  Unbelievable. There is a Module1.vb in the VB solution but the Test.cs file was not installed.  Anyone know where to get this file??



Edit 9/16/15 View the main article for this error here 

 Hello, if I have an SOP transaction, say an Invoice with a payment from say a website that already charged the card and I want to ensure that both the invoice AND the payment are created is it possible - maybe even required - to include the payment within the same eConnect xml document?  I don't want either the invoice created without the payment or the payment hanging out there without the invoice.  In other words, I want both included the same SQL transaction.  Either both succeed together or both get rolled back.

So is it possible to say create the eConnect xml document like this:


Note both the <SOPTransactionType> and the <RMCashReceiptsType> wrapped in the same </eConnect> document.

Is this the correct way to do this?


 Hi, does eConnect require a separate registration key?  I have eCommerce registered (listed under Help>Options) but I don't know if eCommerce is the same as eConnect.



An error occurred while parsing EntityName

You'll get this error if any part of an eConnect document contains special characters:









I am the author of a product for dynamics gp called "IDS for Dynamics GP", you can find it here ( and read about it, download a trial and test it out.

Would you be so kind as to test it out and possibly tell me/people what you think about it?


Doug Crowe

I've been aquainted with the idea of Microsoft's 'automated solutions' for Dynamics GP, but kind of poo-pooed them (is that a word?). Today someone asked me to set up a new company in GP 10, copy the setup data from another company. I've done this sort of thing before, it's several hours of writing scripts to copy the correct tables. It's a trick to know the right tables, but I've been around for a while so I've a good idea.

Then someone asked if I've tried CopyCompany_v2.msi

So, I went to the Automated Solutions page and install the app and ran it. The entire task was done quickly and accuratly. Good job, Microsoft.

Is there any way to post a return document (SOP document) using eConnect?

Hi,  In the eConnect help file it states that the serialization classes take the objects you create and serialize them to disk creating an xml file then reads back in the xml file to pass to the eConnect_EntryPoint method.  This has to be done for each transaction you pass to the eConnect_EntryPoint method.  WOW!! That’s a lot of disk I/O !!  


Since the eConnect_EntryPoint method requires an xml document stored in a variable why must we serialize it?  Why can’t we just create an xml document in code (memory) and pass it to the  eConnect_EntryPoint method??  Is this possible?  I would really like to avoid all that disk I/O!



I am trying to fulfill a sales order using Econnect. Is it possible to accomplish this using Econnect?
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