Hi everybody, please help me 

I am writing an integration application with Great Plains version 10.0

Can anyone tell me eConnect API in order to do Invoice Entry (Sales > Invoice Entry)?



Thanks in advance.

~Amol Borkar

I am trying to find out if there is any way I can get the text value of a drop down list using Visual Studio Tools. I get only the index integer value when I try to retrieve the value of the control. I know that this value is not stored in the database and will be stored as part of the client dictionary that caters to translation needs. How can I get this value? should I go the VBA and passthrough sanscript route?

Dear Sir,

I was using FileStream class for creating an eConnect XML file on my hard disk. Now I'm using MemoryStream and generate the eConnect Xml file at the memory then I excute this XML.

I asking about any conflicts may be happen when using the MemoryStream rather that FileStream?


Many Thanks


What i need is that when a user selects an existing SOP number in the SOP_entry window, i will query that SOP number in a custom table. If that SOP number is found in my table, then i have to cancel the SOP order from loading (so all fields will have to be blank).

Any thoughts on how to do this?



I am working with eConnect SP4 and GP 10 SP4 I am making an <taSopHdrIvcInsert>  and  <taSopLineIvcInsert>*  and <taSopLotAuto> 

I found that when I use “SOPLOTAUTO” the UOM must be the same as the “SOPLINEIVCINSERT”
Which is a problem for me, mean while I convert this item QTY to base UOM so I can be able to choose lots
If i make 2 different UOMs then I face an error from eConnect.
so i am forced to use use Base UOM in  “SOPLOTAUTO” and “SOPLINEIVCINSERT” to be the same UOM
Please advise because I am in real trouble.
Thank you in advance.

 Dear All,

I want to enter data in Business portal in other language than English.
Is this possibe??? I want this data to update the Great plains with that data.

Example Item name in requisition Management.


Hi -

I am trying to trap a Windows Field event using VisualStudio tools. I want to capture the Post button on the Project Accounting Billing Entry screen.  Can I do that in VS?  I was hoping to do something like "Dynamics.Forms.PABilling.PABilling.PostButton.ClickBeforeOriginal" but I am not seeing (or don't know) a PABillingEntry screen in the Forms.  Any thoughts would be great, thanks!

From a recent conversation on the GP Developer forum:

I'm having difficulty updating POs using eConnect. The issue involves POs that have more than one line, and one of the lines have been received against. I need to be able to cancel the line that has no receipts.

I can't update the whole PO, because it has receipts...

In SOP, I can send in the lone line and it works. In POP, it is requiring the POP header node so I can't use that approach.

I recently ran into the issue with DAG.EXE, it would run to 17% and quit with a really ugly runtime error. Both /F and /M modes failed. I found an amout of discussion, but no fixes, so I thought I'd take a second and blog the solution.




I am trying to do "payable Batch Entry" through eConnect 9.0 using the VS 2005 ASP.NET web form as front end data entry.

The GP manual process is as follows:

1.        Select from Menu :Transactions->Purchasing->Batches

2.        Select BatchID (corresponds to Origin: Computer Check) and enter Transactions

3.        In Go To pop-up window, select edit payable  checks

4.        In the edit payables checks, the payment number, checkbookID, BatchID, CurrencyID, Batch Total, Apply Date is pre-populated.

5.        Enter VendorID, Comment, Amount (Unapplied). 


6.        These entries and shown in the payable transactions Entry Distribution.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanking you





Hi everybody,

I am trying to Receive a Purchase Order (Purchasing >> Receivings Transaction Entry) through GP 10 user interface, but getting following error message as soon as I click on Save.

A distribution account is missing for this transaction. You can save this transaction with the error, but you can't post it. Do you want to save this transaction with the error?

But I need to post it after Receive Purchase Order step.May be I are missing some default setting which is to be done before inserting a PO but don't know which one.

So please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

~ Amol Borkar

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