A customer recently asked for custom logos on the header of the RM Statement for multiple companies.

I was OK with one, and then two, but three started to get out of hand. I'm not that good at Report Writer, and the code to hide/display 5 different logos was a real pain.

I moved the statements into Crystal and wrote the script that you see below to handle the query.


I have a check writing program that I have built using VS.NET, that uses our SQL Server data. My program queries the database to see if we need to write checks and if we do it creates the check and sends it to the printer. It then adds that entry into our db. Now I need to migrate this entire process to GP. Using VS Tools I can do all of the above, but the new feature is adding the entries into GP. I am totally lost as to what table the entry goes into or is there a sproc that would do this form me. Are there there any objects that I need to use to complete this? Stanley

Hi everyone, How can i start using VST for dynamics? Do i need a license to use VST? is there eval copy of this? Kindly shed a light on this.

thanks in advance.

If your clients have been asking you when support for their version of GP will be discontinued, please see below GP 8.0 Support will be discontinued on 10/13/2009


GP 9.0 Support will be discontinued on 1/11/2011
Note – for those clients interested in moving their DBs to a new server – right now it does not look like GP 9.0 will be compatible with Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2


GP 10.0 Support will be discontinued on 10/09/2012 


I am trying to import all of our agents and check to see if they are already set up as vendors in GP. I can check to see if they are there and if they need to be updated, but if they are new then I need to create the record. So I am trying to use taUpdateCreateVendorRcd, however, when I populate the name, vendorid and address it tells me "The Primary Address Code is required when other address information is filled in". So I figured I would need to create the address record first. So when I started looking into this i saw that in taUpdateCreateVendorRcd, there is a property CreateAddress and the docs say:

 Flag to allow a primary address code to be created on the fly:

0=Do not create address code;

1=Create address code

So I thought that if I set that to 1 I would be fine. That did not work. I still get the same error message as above. So now I am trying to use taCreateVendorAddress, but in my code this comes up as an error telling me to use taCreateEmployeeAddress or taCreateInternetAddress or taCreateInventorySite or taDeleteCustomerAddress.

None of which fits what I need as far as I know. Any ideas as to what I can do?

Hi Sir,


How can i make my added VBA form a child of GP main  menu? It's annoying to users when they can't open gp windows when they open my customize form. Thanks a lot.




When I create a Purchase for a non inventoried item , the following error occure

Error Number = 254 Stored Procedure taPoLine Error Description = Default location code (LOCNCODE) does not exist for the Item

Hi Everyone,

 How can make the distribution reference in sales dsitribution entry a "Required" field? Should not allow user to save if distribution reference is blanked.

Im using GP version 9 and using modifier and VBA for customization. Thanks in advance.

Hi Everyone,

 Is it possible to stop the save procedure if the the validate procedure return false in GP9 sales transaction entry? something like the code below.

 If validate_entries()=True then

             ' proceed Save the record in sales transaction entry window


             'cancel the SAVE procedure in sales transaction entry window.

end if



I'm curious if anyone knows other ways to read/write to extender data using the VS Tools SDK?  I do not see classes or methods to access the Extender data within VS Tools or eConnect (I do know this was 3rd Party but now owned by MS).  Currently, I'm using straight SQL commands to perform the read/write actions; however, in browsing the API for VS Tools SDK I see there are some classes under Functions related to SQL such as SqlCmdAppend and SqlExecCmd but they appear to only have get properties.


So I am finally off to the races on importing 12k+ vendors and now I run into the problem of eConnect not closing it's connections to SQL. I am explicitly disposing the requester object and setting it to nothing. So from this I am gathering that the eConnect methods do not truly utilize the dispose method properly. Does anyone know of a work around to close the connection the second I am done with it?

This is the class that I'm using these days to make eConnect work.

This class contains methods for

  • sending to eConnect
  • Serializing the Serialization.eConnectType and returning an XML document
  • GetNextIVNumber
  • GetNextRMNumber
  • It also includes our TRY...CATCH block, which will show you how to decrypt the eConnect error messages.


 I am using GP10 with SQL server 2005.

Since i am new to econnect i am trying out some sample integration to get an hold on it.  I tried out an sample integration with Vendor master creation, but i am stuck up with a porblem . The XML file was created (under bin>>debug folder) which looks fine. But the problem is with the connection string were the eConnect_EntryPoint throws a exception "Integrated security is required".

 catch (Exception exc)
 //string strmessge = "";
 //strmessge = exc.Message;


 Integrated Security is required.Please ensure that the ConnectionString input parameter is valid.
Examples:SQLCLIENT Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=TWO;Data Source=MySQLServerName
Examples:SQLOLEDB Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False;Initial Catalog=TWO;Data Source=MySQLServerName

But my connection string contain Integrated security = SSPI. I cant figure out whats the exact problem is about, this happens with both my SQL instance. My SQL server instances are AFG5850 and AFG5850\V2 (AFG5850 is my local system name)

string sqlconnec = @"Data Source=AFG5850;Initial Catalog=TWO;integrated security = SSPI;persist security info=False;packet size = 4096";

// Instance2

//string sqlconnec = @"Data Source=AFG5850\V2;Initial Catalog=TWO;integrated security = SSPI;persist security info=False;packet size = 4096";

en.eConnect_EntryPoint(sqlconnec, EnumTypes.ConnectionStringType.SqlClient, svendmstr, EnumTypes.SchemaValidationType.None, "");

 I have included the following namespaces

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Text;
using System.Xml;
using System.IO;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Globalization;
using System.Xml.Serialization;
using System.EnterpriseServices;
using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect;
using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.MiscRoutines;
using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization;

I have tried some security settings which i found in the forum under component service. I have also created my window login account in GP and provided access to DYNAMICS and company db with DYNGRP role.

 Can any one guide me in solving it.


Is there a way using Visual Studio Tools SDK for Dynamics 10 to loop through the line items on the Sales Transaction Form?




Server was unable to process request. ---> Sql procedure error codes returned:
Error Number = 299  Stored Procedure taSopLineIvcInsert  Error Description = Unit Price calculation does not match out to Extended price
Node Identifier Parameters: taSopLineIvcInsert                                
SOPNUMBE = STD00443215         
LNITMSEQ = 16384
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taSopLineIvcInsert                                
UNITPRCE = 177.975
MRKDNAMT =  Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.
XTNDPRCE = 533.92


Has anyone ever coded an eConnect transaction to UPDATE a SOP document with lotted items? I need to reduce the quantity on an item, and this item might have two lots assigned to it, so I'll need to specify which one gets reduced.

In GP9:

I'm running taUpdateCreateVendorRcd, and the client is asking if I can not update the Check Name field if the address already exists. So, I opened taUpdateCreateVendorRcdPre and wrote this code:


hi all,

Firstly it's great to see that there's a forum out there for all us GP devs. Thanks for setting this up.

I've done a lot of dex devs in the last 10 years but this week I decided to take the plunge and start looking at developing for GP using the VST. I've got everything installed and working and following some of the tutorials out there I've created a couple of small add-ins.

I've got a really smally dev project coming up (just a couple of mantenance windows) and I'd like to do this using VS. I cannot however figure out how to define tables, like I would in dex using Visual Studio. So I have a couple of questions that hopefully somebody will be able to help me with.

- Can I define tables in Visual Studio like I could in Dex?
- If not, should I just define them in SQL, and create them at run time from my add in?
- If I do create them through SQL, do I need a Dex row ID?

I understand I could create a new dic in dex with the tables I need and then use them through Visual Studio, I suppose I'd rather not have to. Going back into dex to do this seems to be backwards step.

Thanks in advance.



So after some research I have found that there is no way to Post transactions automatically in GP. So all my work to get our vendors set up and then to create manual checks is all a waste at this point I guess. What use is having the ability to automate the creation a manual check and not post it??? I know that there are third party solutions, but the idea that we need to have a separate version of the GP client running on another machine is absurd. Is it really that complex to add in a post functionality? Is Post Master really about the only solution for this?
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