I customized(added a check box) the SOPEntry form through modifier.

The modified form is not reflected in Dynamics dictionary. So I tried to run Dag.exe file, which ends with an exception :

Reading metadata from Dynamics: 6%
Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added.
   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource)
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
   at Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge.Table.LoadKey(RMKey* rmTableKey)
   at Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge.Table.LoadAllKeys(RMTable* rmTable)
   at Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge.Table..ctor(String name, DictionaryElement parent, RMTable* rmTable, Int16 tableId)
   at Microsoft.Dexterity.Bridge.DictionaryRoot.LoadAllTables(ProgressCallback callback)
   at Microsoft.Dexterity.Applications.Program.Main(String[] args)


Please help me. Am I going in right direction?

Kindly reply me.




 Hi ...

I just trying to implement the new form for BOM Maintenance. The client don't want to use the builtin window.

But the problem is I can't find control in VS  for the scroll window area (Detail section). Any advice for me what to do.. !

 Tommy ...

Anybody knows how do i use UserInfoget?  Do I have to install anything extra? where is that assembly?


I've worked with eConnect since version 8, and it seems the eConnect documentation is no better, or readily available than it was a few years ago. Am I just missing something (secret decoder ring? :) ), or not looking (or searching) in the right places for common tasks such as creating shipping addresses, updating a shipping address...etc? Where might I find complete documentation of eConnect 10 classes, and real-world examples of how to use them? The sample applications and xml schema provide some insight, but how many real applications can you hard code in a customer number of Customer001? How can you retrieve the next customer number without developing some kind of additional application (a custom web service in my case) to get this information?


EDIT 6/31/2010: This works just the same for VS2010. The second paragraph below made me smile... I did the same thing when 2010 came out -  

You probably should not upgrade any VS Tools project from Visual Studio 2005 to 2008 because - although it works - there are several things that don't work... or are hard to do.

 But... that's not me. I loaded 2008 the day it came out.



There is some combination of install that causes the ASP.NET 2.0 web service extension to be missing from the Web Services Extension page in IIS 6. I think it is caused by installing IIS services after the 2.0 framework is installed.

In order to get it to appear, run

[code language=""]

 aspnet_regiis.exe -i


from the command line. This will re-install 2.0, and fix the issue. 'aspnet_regiis.exe' is located in the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 folder. I usually navigate there in Windows Explorer, create a .bat file with the above command in it and run it that way.

As always, your comments are welcome.

I get asked frequently 'how do I get started', and I usually say 'read the manual', but I'll give this a shot.

Here's a short walk through of how to get started using eConnect

First of all, understand that there are two ways to code eConnect. You can just use what I call the 'direct' method, or you can 'serialize'. I'm not going to get into serialization here, because it's a lot more complicated, but it involves instantiating eConnect objects, then populating them, then sending the object itself to eConnect. The advantage to using serialization is that eConnect does some checking and validation for you along the way and will solve some issues earlier. It will also prepopulate a lot of default values.

Lately I've been using the 'direct' method, because it's simpler and I can code it quicker. So, here goes.


Let me start out by saying that you're not going to like this post. But read all the way to the end, read every word. This is hard advice and it comes from years of experience.

In my business, I meet a lot of folks who have an idea that they can make some money by starting a web storefront and then - after maybe a month - retire and sell the business. I see these folks cry, scratch their head, and fail. I see it over and over and over. It breaks my heart to take their money only to see their new venture go down the drain.

What's missing? The same thing that is missing if they were to open up a brick and mortar storefront. 

  • Willingness to work
  • Knowledge of the area in which they have chosen to compete.  

 What is involved in selling on-line?

You need a web site. That's my job.

You need an account with a credit card processor. No, you can't use the processor that you have now. Just ask them, they'll say no, and threaten to close your account. Accepting credit card transactions online is a very risky business, and you have to pay for that risk. Yes, you. Who else?

No, I will not just collect the credit card number and email them to you, or save them in a database. If it's not against the law it should be. Servers get hacked all the time, just read the papers. Emailing the numbers to you would be a violation of your credit card processing contract, I will not be a party to that.

So, call an on-line credit card processor and open an account. comes to mind, they're big, but there are lots. Expect to pay $50/month even if you don't sell a single thing (and in your first few months you won't). Expect to pay about 7% of your gross.

You need traffic.

This is a killer. People think that they can just open up a site and they'll sell things. You won't. I know lots of successful merchants, and they all have one thing in common - they work. All day, every day. Getting traffic to a web site is not easy, it requires the same amount of sweat that any other store would. If you are not willing to do that, then don't bother.

Don't blame the web developer. This sounds like self-serving advice, but I am aware of really ugly sites that get lots of traffic (Like this one, actually). Frequently people call me and ask if I'll redo their site so that they will get traffic. I ask how much traffic they're getting now (They don't know, but they haven't sold anything in months). It's not the site design. You need traffic in the first place. If people are not going to your site, making it prettier will not help. I give these people my half-hour speech on web marketing and send them on their way. If you'd like to hear it, I'd love to share <smiles>

I'm not able to tell you in the space of this article what you need to do, but I am able to tell you that it is a full time job. If you come to me an complain that you're not selling anything or that you're not getting traffic, I'm going to ask how long you work at it every day. Or, how much you pay someone else to do it. If you say none and none, there's your answer.

Sorry for the attitute. Christ commands us to love our neighbors and to do that I'd sooner that you had a full understanding of what it means to operate an eCommerce business than to take your money and see you fail.

May God bless you and your endeavours.


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