I am attempting to create a single cash receipt (ex: PYMNT1234) and apply it to multiple invoices. I have the following problem:

 1. I loop through a datareader of invoices to apply payments too. When I try to create a single XML document with one <RMCashReceiptsType> and multiple <RMApplyType> by adding to the collection like below, all of the <TARMApply>'s are the same. When I add the next one to the collection it replaces the properties of them all.

                  With paymentApply
                        .APTODCNM = sDocNum
                        .APFRDCNM = sPaymentDoc
                        .APPTOAMT = dApplyAmt
                        .APFRDCTY = 9
                        .APTODCTY = 1
                        .APPLYDATE = frmMain.dtpApplyDate.Text
                        .GLPOSTDT = Date.Today.ToString
                    End With

                    payment.taRMApply = paymentApply

                    ReDim Preserve eConnect.RMApplyType(0)
                    eConnect.RMApplyType(0) = payment

I have written a VB.NET app that calls econnect. It tests fine from the server... but when installed on a client I get 'Cannot find the assembly Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect, Version=, culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf...

I suspect that there is something that I need to do for client installs, I have found several articles on setting up DCOM but they have had no effect. Can you help?

It is ocassionally necessary for me to reboot remote PCs... but some systems and/or networks don't give you that option directly. The DOS 'shutdown' command will give you the ability to do this from another machine on the network.x

  Shutdown.exe uses the following syntax:

shutdown \\computername /l /a /r /t:xx "msg" /y /c


You can use the following switches with Shutdown.exe:
/m \\computername: Use this switch to specify the remote computer to shut down. If you omit this parameter, the local computer name is used.
/l (Note that this is a lowercase "L" character): Use this switch to shut down the local computer
/a: Use this switch to quit a shutdown operation. You can do this only during the time-out period. If you use this switch, all other parameters are ignored.
/r: Use this switch to restart the computer instead of fully shutting it down.
/t:xx: Use this switch to specify the time (in seconds) after which the computer is shut down. The default is 20 seconds.
"msg": Use this switch to specify a message during the shutdown process. The maximum number of characters that the message can contain is 127.
/y: Use this switch to force a "yes" answer to all queries from the computer.
/c: Use this switch quit all running programs. If you use this switch, Windows forces all programs that are running to quit. The option to save any data that may have changed is ignored. This can result in data loss in any programs for which data is not previously saved.

I'm getting Service Unavailable error when configuring a web site to use an app pool with a configured identity


Summary of Steps
Follow these steps to create and test a dedicated application pool that uses a custom service account identity:

Step 1. Create a new user account.
Step 2. Assign ASP.NET permissions to the new account.
Step 3. Assign minimum privileges to the new account.
Step 4. Create a test ASP.NET application.
Step 5. Create an application pool with a custom identity.
Step 6. Configure your application to run in the new application pool.
Step 7. Test the custom service account.

Detailed steps:

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry access is not allowed


System.Security.SecurityException: Requested registry access is not allowed.

Server stack trace:
at EventLogging.WriteLog(String Info, EventLogEntryType LogType)
at Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect.eConnectMethods.eConnect_EntryPoint(String ConnectionString, ConnectionStringType ConnectionType, String sXML, SchemaValidationType ValidationType, String eConnectSchema)

This last error started to occur after I upgraded my dev machine to eConnect 9.0.3 to match the version of an existing client integration



Plz Help me

 I need the code  for go a next line into grid in inventory Transfer



I've been writting a few interfaces from our software to GP using eConnect. I've noticed that eConnect 10 has different assembly names to eConnect 9 - Does anyone know why. Also I used eConnect 10 in my apps and need it to update both GP9 and GP10 databases. Would this cause a problem or are all the stored procs still the same. I don't want to have 2 seperate interfaces.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


CN00000 Collections - Version CN_Version
CN00100 Collections - Notes CN_Notes
CN00200 Collections - Notes Promised CN_Notes_Promised
CN00300 Collections - Notes Text CN_Notes_Text
CN00500 Collections - Customer Info CN_Customer_Info
CN00600 Collections - Query Master CN_Query_MSTR
CN00700 Collections - Letters CN_Letters
CN04000 Collections - Days Sales Log CN_Days_Sales_Log
CN100100 Collections - Query CN_Query
CN100200 Collections - Build Letters Work CN_Build_Letters
CN100201 Collections - Build Letter Invoices CN_Build_Letters_Invoices
CN10200 Collections - Query Activity CN_Query_Activity
CN20100 Collections - Invoice Notes Open CN_Invoice_Notes_OPEN
CN20101 Collections - Invoice Levels Open CN_Invoice_Levels
CN30100 Collections - Notes History CN_Notes_HIST
CN30200 Collections - Invoice Notes History CN_Invoice_Notes_HIST
CN40100 Collections - Setup CN_SETP
CN40101 Collections - Module SETP CN_Module_SETP
CN40300 Collections - Credit Level Setup CN_Credit_Level_SETP
CN40400 Collections - User Defined Table Setup CN_User_Defined_SETP
CN40500 Collections - Security SETP CN_Security_SETP
CN70300 Collections - Report Options CN_Report_Options
CN90000 Collections - User Preferences CN_User_Prefereneces

An error occurred while enlisting in a distributed transaction error while trying to connect with eConnect

 Some searching found this tool:

Its called 'DCP Ping' - it will allow you to ping the other DCP box and make sure that there is not a firewall in the way.


 Hi all,

I am using eConnect to insert new sale invoices to GP. I use  <taSopHdrIvcInsert>,   <taSopLineIvcInsert>   and

<taSopLineTaxIvcInsert>. After these invoices integrated to GP , how can I do posting these invoices from eConnect?

Is there any other way to do that? please reply asap...



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