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MattN 5/31/2016 3:59:52 PM

eConnect - Updating/Deleting PO Receipt Lines and Headers

Hi guys, first time poster here.

I have experience with eConnect and I've used it to create SOP documents and lately I've also been using it to create PO receipts.  I can create receipt headers and lines just fine but I was wondering about updates and deletes/rollbacks.  

Updating SOP documents is easy because you just pass an existing document number instead of grabbing a new one and pass a value to the "UpdateExisting" node.  However, I tried using an existing PO receipt number and PO number and I'm given this error:  "Input variable contains a duplicate  document (POPRCTNM)"

I know this receipt number exists, that's why I passed it!  I tried using the DeleteEntity and DeleteTransactionEntity methods by passing the same PO receipt XML document through and I get booleans returning "true" indicating it's supposed to work, but the items remain in GP.  However, I read that those methods only work on procedures that have nodes for an explicit delete, and I don't think the PO receipt line and headers have one.

Any ideas on how to modify/delete PO receipt lines and headers using eConnect?

Version: GP 2010
Section: eConnect