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 Display Name
 DD00100Direct Deposit Employee Master
Direct Deposit Employee Master
 DD00200Direct Deposit Employee Account Master
UPR00100Payroll Master
Employee Master table, one record per employee
 UPR00102Payroll Address Master
 UPR00111Payroll Master Dependent
 UPR00112Payroll Master Education
 UPR00113Payroll Master Contacts
 UPR00300Payroll Tax Information Master
UPR00400Payroll Pay Code Master
 UPR00402Payroll Post Dated Pay Code Master
 UPR00500Payroll Deduction Master
 UPR00501Payroll Deduction Based On Master

This file holds the 'Based On’ fields for a deduction of the 'Based On Records' field =1 in the Payroll Deductions Master file. If the deduction is based on more than one code (but not all the pay codes) then there would be multiple lines in this file.

In SBM, this table is not available. All deductions in SBM are based on pay codes.

 UPR00502Payroll Deduction Sequence Master
 UPR00600Payroll Benefit Master
Contains the information on employee benefits.
 UPR00601Payroll Benefit Based On Master

This file holds the 'Based On’ fields for a benefit of the 'Based On Records' field =1 in the Payroll Benefits Master file. If the benefit is based on more than one code (but not all the pay codes) then there would be multiple lines in this file.

In SBM, this table is only available if the 'Based On Record Type' field is set to 2 in the Payroll Benefits Master table. In other words, in SBM, this file only contains records that are related to the Payroll Benefits Master records with ‘Based On Records’ = 1 and ‘Based On Record Type’ = 2.

 UPR00700Payroll State Tax Master
This file contains State Tax information on each employee. There could be multiple records for the employee in this file if the employee changed addresses.
 UPR00800Payroll Local Tax Master

Contains information about withholding local taxes.

 UPR00900Payroll Employee Summary
 UPR00901Payroll Employee Tips Summary
Can view tips wage and receipt information, tax withheld on tips wages, and any uncollected tax amounts on tips wages. The data within this table is automatically updated when checks are posted.
 UPR00902Payroll Employee Fiscal Summary
 UPR00903Payroll Employee Tips Fiscal Summary
 UPR00904Payroll Master Dependent ACA
 UPR00905Payroll Master Employee ACA
 Display Name
 DD10100Direct Deposit Employee Deposits Work
 DD10200Direct Deposit ACH Copy
 DD10300Direct Deposit ACH Cross Reference
 DD10400Direct Deposit ACH Header
 DD10500Direct Deposit ACH Items
 DD10600Direct Deposit Prenotes Completed
 DD10700Direct Deposit Exceptions
 DD20100ESS Direct Deposit Employee Work
 DD20101ESS Direct Deposit Employee Account Work
 UPR10100Payroll Year End Header
 UPR10101Payroll Year End Wage
 UPR10103Payroll Year End Pension
 UPR10104Payroll Year End Special
 UPR10105Payroll Year End State
 UPR10106Payroll Year End Local
 UPR10107Payroll Year End Other
 UPR10108Payroll Year End Dependent ACA History
 UPR10109Payroll Year End Dependent ACA
 UPR10200Payroll Work Master
 UPR10201Payroll Work Master Detail
 UPR10202Payroll Work Header
 UPR10203Payroll Work Pay Code
 UPR10204Payroll Work Deduction
 UPR10205Payroll Work Benefit
 UPR10206Payroll Work State Tax
 UPR10207Payroll Work Local Tax
 UPR10208Payroll Work Check
 UPR10209Payroll Work Post
 UPR10210Payroll Build Check Defaults
 UPR10211Payroll Build Check File Defaults Detail
 UPR10212Payroll Temp Report Destination
 UPR10213Payroll Check Descriptions
 UPR10214Payroll Work Check YTD Amounts
 UPR10215Payroll Work Void Check Reasons
 UPR10216Payroll Duplicate Checks
 UPR10301Payroll Batches
 UPR10302Payroll Transactions
 UPR10303Payroll Transaction Audit
 UPR10307Payroll Manual Check
 UPR10308Payroll Manual Check Detail
 UPR10309Payroll Keys Master
 UPR10310Payroll Manual Check Distributions
 UPR10400Payroll Distribution Work
 UPR19900Payroll Flat Tax Records
 UPR19901Payroll Account Cache
Work Tables
 Display Name
 DD30100Direct Deposit Transaction History Header
 DD30101Direct Deposit Transaction History Detail
UPR30100Payroll Check History
 UPR30200Payroll Tax Liability
UPR30300Payroll Transaction History
 UPR30301Payroll Transaction History Header
 UPR30400Payroll Distribution History Header
 UPR30401Payroll Distribution History Detail
 UPR30600ESS Profile
 UPR30601ESS Profile Personal
 UPR30602ESS Profile Contacts
 UPR30603ESS Profile Dependents
 UPR30604Payroll ESS W4 History
 Display Name
 DD40100Direct Deposit Setup
 DD40200Direct Deposit Check Messages Setup
 DD40400Direct Deposit ACH Header Setup
 DD40500Direct Deposit ACH Prenotes Setup
 DD40600Direct Deposit Deduction Link Setup
 UPR40100Payroll Unemployment Setup
 UPR40101Payroll Unemployment TSA
 UPR40105UPR 1095 Setup File
 UPR40200Payroll Setup
 UPR40201Payroll Auto Assign Employee ID
 UPR40300Payroll Department Setup
 UPR40301Payroll Position Setup
 UPR40500Payroll Accounts Setup

This file contains payroll posting account information for a company. Default values are created during install and when data is cleared from the file. Defaults exist for:

Federal Tax Withholding:

EFIC/M Employee FICA Medicare Tax
EFIC/S Employee FICA Social Security Tax
FED Federal Tax Withholding
FICA/M FICA Medicare Tax Withholding
FICA/S FICA Social Security Tax Withholding

Employer’s Tax Expense:
FIC/ME FICA Medicare Tax Expense
FIC/SE FICA Social Security Tax Expense.

 UPR40501Payroll Tax Expense/Withholding Setup
 UPR40600Payroll Pay Code Setup
 UPR40700Payroll Workers Comp Setup
 UPR40800Payroll Benefit Setup
 UPR40801Payroll Benefit Based On Setup
 UPR40900Payroll Deduction Setup
 UPR40901Payroll Deduction Based On Setup
 UPR40902Payroll Deduction Sequence Setup
 UPR41100Payroll State Code Setup
 UPR41200Payroll Class Setup
 UPR41201Payroll Class Detail Setup
 UPR41400Payroll Local Tax Setup
 UPR41401Payroll Local Tax Table Setup
 UPR41500Payroll Shift Code Setup
 UPR41700Payroll Setup Supervisor
 UPR41800Payroll Maximum Deduction Setup
 UPR41801Payroll State / Fed Setup
 UPR41900Payroll Earnings Setup
 UPR41901Payroll Earnings Paycodes
 UPR41902Payroll Earnings Deductions
 UPR42000Payroll Secondary Status Setup
 UPR70500Payroll Report Options
 UPR70501Payroll Cross Company Report Options
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