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 Display Name
 MC00200Multicurrency Account Master
 MC00201Multicurrency Summary Master
 MC00300Multicurrency Account Historical Rates
 MC00500Multicurrency Posting Definitions Master
 MC020102Multicurrency Receivables Transactions
 MC020103Multicurrency Payables Transactions

This table contains the originating amounts for multicurrency transactions. For every MC transaction there is a record created in this table, and should remain in the table as long as the transaction is in the Payables tables. When Payables history tables are cleared for a particular transaction this record will be removed at the same time. In SBF, this table is not available. Multiple currencies are not supported in SBF.


For multicurrency transactions, amounts are entered in the originating currency; therefore, the amounts that are saved in this table are the actual values entered by the user. What is stored in the usual work, open or history tables is the functional calculated amounts, based upon the exchange rate.

 MC020104Multicurrency RM Revaluation Activity
 MC020105Multicurrency PM Revaluation Activity
 Display Name
 MC10000Multicurrency Revaluaton Work
 MC10001Multicurrency Revaluation Currency Work
 MC10101MC RM Distribution Temp File
Work Tables
 Display Name
 MC30001Multicurrency Account Summary History
 Display Name
 MC40000Multicurrency Setup
 MC40100Multicurrency Rate Type Setup
 MC40201Multicurrency Account Setup
 MC40301Multicurrency Rate Type Account Setup
 MC40500Multicurrency User Preferences
 MC50100Multicurrency Period Balances Temporary
 MC50200Multicurrency Account Rate Temporary
 MC60400Euro Enable Setup
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