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These are our HRM scripts. All of our scripts for Dynamics GP can be found here
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Module Remarks:
Hrm Module
 Display Name
 APR_APR00610APR Employee Benefit Dependents
 APR_GL00100APR Account Master COMP
 APR_PPR00100APR PPR Options
 APR_UPR00111APR Payroll Master Dependent Companion
 APR_UPR00500APR Payroll Employee Deduction Master
 APR00100APR Payroll Master Companion
 APR00400APR Payroll Pay Code Master Companion
 APR00401APR Employee Pay Policy Master
 APR00402APR Employee Pay Policy
 APR00403APR Employee Pay Policy Detail
 APR00501APR Add-On Master
 ORM_UPR00400ORM Payroll Pay Code COMP
 PTO00100PTO Payroll Master
 PTO00101PTO Pending Master
 PTO00102PTO Anniversary Carry Over
 Display Name
 APR_BLM10300Future Effective Activity Tracking
 APR_DIA10100Deduction In Arrears WORK
 APR_DIA10200DIA Payroll Temp Posting 2
 APR_DIA10300DIA Payroll Work Deduction TEMP
 APR10100APR Transaction Import WORK
 APR10101APR Transaction Import Errors
 APR10302APR TRX Batch Detail Companion
 PTO10200PTO Year End Processing
 Display Name
 APR_BE020230APR HR_Benefit_SETP
 APR_DIA20100Deductions in Arrears OPEN
 APR_DIA20101Deductions in Arrears OPEN Activity
Work Tables
 Display Name
 APR_APR30300APR Pay Run History
 APR_BLM31100BLM HR Benefit Setup History
 APR_BLM31200Future Effective CoPays History
 APR_BLM31300Future Effective Benefit Tiers History
 APR_BLM31400Future Effective Life Premiums History
 APR_BLM31500Future Effective Entrance Dates History
 APR_BLM31600Future Effective Benefit Funds History
 APR_BLM32100Future Effective Payroll Benefit Setup History
 APR_BLM32200Future Effective Payroll Benefit Based On Setup Hi
 APR_BLM33100Future Effective Payroll Deduction Setup History
 APR_BLM33200Future Effective Payroll Deduction Based On Setup
 APR_DIA30100Deductions in Arrears History
 Display Name
 APR_40300APR Accrual Date Default
 APR_APR40200APR UPR Master Split Setup
 APR_APR40500APR Beneficiary and Dependent Status Codes
 APR_APR50000APR Payroll Accruals TEMP
 APR_APR50001APR Accrual Distributions
 APR_APR50100APR Unit Account TEMP
 APR_APR70250APR Distribution Report Detail
 APR_APR70300APR Report Option Names
 APR_APR70500APR Department Report Options
 APR_APR70501APR Department Report Options Detail
 APR_APR70510APR Department Reports TEMP
 APR_APR70511APR Department Reports Budget TEMP
 APR_APR70530APR Department Ben Accrual TEMP
 APR_APR70540APR Department Summ Report Temp
 APR_APR70900APR Area of Responsibility HDR
 APR_APR70901APR Area of Responsibility DTL
 APR_BLM41100Future Effective HR Benefits
 APR_BLM41101BLM Future Effective Benefits (backup)
 APR_BLM41200Future Effective CoPays
 APR_BLM41201Future Effective CoPays (Backup)
 APR_BLM41300Future Effective Benefit Tiers
 APR_BLM41301Future Effective Benefit Tiers Backup
 APR_BLM41400Future Effective Life Premiums
 APR_BLM41401Future Effective Life Premiums Backup
 APR_BLM41500Future Effective Entrance Dates
 APR_BLM41501Future Effective Entrance Dates Backup
 APR_BLM41600Future Effective Benefit Funds
 APR_BLM41601Future Effective Benefit Funds Backup
 APR_BLM42100Future Effective Payroll Benefit Setup
 APR_BLM42101Future Effective Payroll Benefit Setup (Backup)
 APR_BLM42200Future Effective Payroll Benefit Based On Setup
 APR_BLM42201Future Effective Payroll Benefit Based On Setup (B
 APR_BLM43100Future Effective Payroll Deduction Setup
 APR_BLM43101Future Effective Payroll Deduction Setup (Backup)
 APR_BLM43200Future Effective Payroll Deduction Based On Setup
 APR_BLM43201Future Effective Payroll Deduction Based On Setup
 APR_BLM43300Future Effective Ded In Arrears Setup
 APR_BLM43301Future Effective Ded In Arrears Setup (Backup)
 APR_DIA40100Deduction in Arrears Setup
 APR_DIA40200Deduction In Arrears Activity Source Setup
 APR_DIA50000APR DIA Missed Check TEMP
 APR_DIA50001Deductions in Arrears Uncollected Temp
 APR_DIA50002APR DIA Build Deduction Report TMP
 APR_DIA50101Deductions in Arrears VOID Activity TEMP
 APR_HRPBEN02APR HRP Benefit Beneficiary COMP
 APR_PIP40100APR Payroll Vendors
 APR_PPR50100APR Fund Report Temp
 APR_PTO40400PTO Code Setup
 APR_PTO70500APR PTO Report Options
 APR_PTO70501PTO Report Options DTL
 APR_UPR40500APR Payroll Accounts Setup
 APR_UPR40900APR Payroll Deduction Setup
 APR40600APR Payroll Pay Code Setup Companion
 APR41100APR Pay Policy
 APR41101APR Pay Policy Detail
 APR41501APR Add-On Setup
 APR41601APR Priority Setup
 ORM_UPR_SETP_OT_DTLOvertime Adjustment Setup Detail
 ORM_UPR_SETP_OT_HDROvertime Adjustment Setup
 ORM_UPR40600ORM Pay Type Setup COMP
 PTO40100PTO Accrual Schedule Header
 PTO40101PTO Accrual Schedule Detail
 PTO40200PTO Max Schedule Header
 PTO40201PTO Max Schedule Detail
 PTO90000PTO Pending Master Conversion
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