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You are currently viewing the COMPANY database.

 Display Name
 FA00100Asset General Information Master
 FA00199FA Error Log
 FA00200Asset Book Master
 FA00300Asset Book ITC/Cost Adjustment Master
 FA00400Asset Account Master
 FA00500Asset Lease Master
 FA00600Asset Insurance Master
 FA00700Asset Retirement Master
 FA00701Asset Retirement Master WORK
 FA00800Asset Transfer Master
 FA00801Asset Transfer Master WORK
 FA00902Asset Financial Detail Master
 FA00903Asset Summarize Financial Detail History
 FA00904Asset Financial Detail Master WORK
 FA00905Fixed Assets General Ledger Interface WORK
 FA01000FA Audit Trail Codes
 FA01001Asset Purge Header
 FA01002Asset Purge Detail
 FA01100FA-AP Post Master
 FA01200Physical Inventory Master
 FA01300PO Additional Information Master
 FA01400Asset Purchase Master
 FA01401Asset Purchase Master WORK
 FA01500FA Activity Master
 Display Name
 FA10100Select Assets Header
 FA10200Select Assets Master
 FA15000Fixed Assets Batch Headers
 FA19900User Data Master
 Display Name
 FA40200Book Setup
 FA40201Class ID Setup
 FA40202Book ID Class ID Setup
 FA40203Book Setup (for Depreciation)
 FA40300Book Compare Setup
 FA41000Quarter Setup
 FA41100Location ID Setup
 FA41200Insurance Class Setup
 FA41300Account Group Setup
 FA41400Retirement Code Setup
 FA41500Structure ID Setup
 FA41600Lease Company Setup
 FA41700Asset Retirement Event Master
 FA41900Projections Report Master
 FA42000Asset Transfer Event Master
 FA42100Fiscal Period Master
 FA42200FA-AP Post Accounts Setup
 FA42400FA Physical Location Setup
 FA42500User Fields List Setup
 FA45000Fixed Assets Report Options
 FA45100Fixed Assets Report Option Names
 FA49900Company Setup
 FACNVDTLFixed Assets Conversion Detail
 FAINDEXFixed Assets Index Master
 FAMIGRATFixed Assets Migration Status
 FAUPDATEFixed Assets Update Status
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