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Errors for the taSopTaxEngine Stored Procedure

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754Error updating Sop Line (SOP10200)  Edit
823Unable to delete from Sales Taxes Work and History table (SOP10105)  Edit
825Error processing tax line records  Edit
850An input value contains a NULL  Edit
851Unable to select batches, cursor error  Edit
853Error processing tax misc records  Edit
854Error processing tax freight records  Edit
5404Error updating Sop Line (SOP10200)  Edit
5405Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
5476Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9352Cursor error  Edit
9353Cursor error  Edit
9354Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9355Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9356Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9357Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9358Cursor error  Edit
9359Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9360Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9361Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit
9362Error updating Sop Line (SOP10105)  Edit

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