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Errors for the taFSRTVLineLot Stored Procedure

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8891Pre Custom Business Logic in taFSRTVLineLotPre returned an error value  Edit
8892At least one input variable contains a null value in taFSRTVLineLot  Edit
8893Input variable contains an empty value Answers exist! Join NowEdit
8894Input variable (RTV_Line) or (SLTSQNUM) or (QTYTYPE) contains a negative value  Edit
8895Input variable (UpdateIfExists) contains an invalid value  Edit
8896RTV document is marked for closing  Edit
8897RTV document is marked for receiving  Edit
8898RTV document is marked for shipping  Edit
8899Invalid Quantity Type (QTYTYPE) - Value can be 1=On Hand, 2=Returned, 3=In Use, 4=In Service, 5=Damaged  Edit
8900Invalid In/Out value (InOrOut) - Value can be 1=Out/Sent, 2=In/Receive  Edit
8901Duplicate RTV Lot Line. RTV exists in History table - SVC35255  Edit
8902Duplicate RTV Lot Line. Line exists in table - SVC05602  Edit
8903Item (ITEMNMBR) does not exist in the Item Master Table - IV00101  Edit
8904Location (LOCNCODE) does not exist in the Location Setup Table - IV40700  Edit
8905Item Location does not exist in the Item Qty Location Table - IV00102  Edit
8906Error occurred while deleting a lot line entry  Edit
8907Lot Number (LOTNUMBR) does not exist in this Item Location (ITEMNMBR/LOCNCODE)  Edit
8908Invalid Received Date, Received Date time value must be 00:00:00  Edit
8909Invalid values have been entered. The lot line entry does not exist to update record with a returned item  Edit
8910Unable to insert the RTV line lot record - SVC05602  Edit
8911Unable to update the RTV line lot record - SVC05602  Edit
8912Process to update Lot Master for previously used lot number returned an error  Edit
8913Process to update Lot Master returned an error  Edit
8914Post Custom Business Logic in taFSRTVLineLotPost returned an error value  Edit
8915The lot line (LOTNUMBR) has been shipped or posted and cannot be modified.  Edit
8916Lot Number (LOTNUMBR) has expired  Edit
8917Not enough lot quantities (SERLTQTY) are available to be allocated  Edit
8918The lot number (LOTNUMBR) is different from the lot number used in the existing line  Edit
8919Process to update lot attribute master returned an error - IV00301  Edit
8930Unable to update lot attribute master  Edit
8931Unable to create Bin in IV00112  Edit
8932Error updating the Bin Number Master table (IV00112)  Edit
8933Unable to insert into the IV00300 table  Edit
8934Unable to create Lot Attributes record - IV00301  Edit
8935Unable to update lot attribute master  Edit
8936Unable to update quantity on hand in item quantity master - site location  Edit
8937Unable to update quantity on hand in item quantity master - all site location  Edit

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