We don't mind ads here... if they're phrased as introductions to tools that we can use. Often, I'll post a review of my own if it's for something that I think will be valuable to the members... and... I found one. 

SSMS Tools pack. 

I'm buying this for just one feature, but I'm going to enjoy spending the next little while learning all the features. 

Today, specifically: I'm working at a client with 20ish DBs, and 8 of them are production GP databases. I need to publish a SQL SCRIPT FILE to all eight DBs. Note that I said a script file. A file on disk, not a snippet of code. Actually, I have three:

Here's how to run this in all eight DBs, with SSMS Tools Pack:

When it is finished, you get a report

So, so worth the license. 






You hear from time to time complaints that MR runs slowly. 

@PhilCiskowski just pointed out to me that MR installs with a critical flaw, by default. 



I am having trouble adding the modified forms for Deferred Rev Expense (1045) to the Visual Studio >NET project (GP 18.4).

I can do vanilla GP and modified forms fine.   I ran the dag for 1045 but that did not help.

What am I missing?

Good evening,

I need to upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (ver. 16.00.0579) to GP 18 (ver. 18.4.1436) in a new server with Operating System 2019 and SQL Server 2019 but i need first install GP2016 in this new server to upgrade to GP18 but GP2016 but it does not support Operating System and SQL Server 2019, what alternative other than Operating System and SQL Server 2016 can you suggest me to solve this issue.

Thanks for your help,

Mr. García


We've created a .NET app that needs to write a text file to a folder on the file system... but we're getting permissions errors. 

What permissions do I need to grant?

Okay - Never seen this message before and not that fluent in GP Workflow. Error gets thrown when user clicks submit batch (GL Financial Batch). 

Workflow was working fine. However, both GP APP Server and GP SQL Server did get recent updates applied - possibly. Net Framework (not certain)?

It's a very straight forward workflow - no email notifications just a simple the batch has to be submitted and then approved by different user on the workflow no sharepoint or web services or anything like that. 

Any guidance or thoughts shared would be appreciated.