If a GP user opens the Purchasing Enter/Match window the next receipt number is assigned and GP writes to both POP10300 and PA01901 tables. If the user closes the window, GP removes the line from POP10300 but leaves the row in PA01901. Once this occurs, subsequent eConnect integrations will fail with the above error. This trigger deletes the row from PA01901.


  • This is GP2015 so unsure if this is fix in later releases.
  • Assumes Project Accounting is installed.


Thanks to Bob Callanan ( for the code.

Is it possible to exclude the action 'delegate' from workflow action list displayed in the email?
I need to develop a SSRS Project Profit and Loss report to include Account and Account Name. I'm really struggling with this and would love if someone could help me get the Account and Account Name in my report. In addition, how do I capture the Revenue and Cost at a particular month etc? I know this is a big question but is it possible?
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