Okay - I would like some feedback on creating SQL functions.

I think I have only ever created one SQL function in Great Plains before. If I recall it was a simple function to return the status of a Manufacturing Order without have to create an 8-line case statement. I don't really understand their benefits and use. 

Now I have a requirement to determine simply if a Sales Invoice is still open(1) paid off(2), partially paid off(3), written off(4) or partially written off(5) or adjusted (6) or partially adjusted (7)

Background information - Our collection process includes documenting the contact made on past due invoices. We gather data that says INV12345 was past due on 1/1/2022 - we sent letters (automated)/emails and now it's 4/4/2022 and we want to know if INV12345 was fully paid off - is it still completely unpaid, did we adjust the document, etc.

I think a SQL Function would do the trick. I know a stored procedure could be written pretty easily - but isn't it a little tricky calling a stored procedure from a SQL view which is used for a more comprehensive dataset? Basically, I need to 'add' the invoice status to an existing dataset (currently SQL View)

Any thoughts or if anybody has some previously done something similar please share.

Thanks in advance.

Bron Tamulis



Good morning,

When i try to post vacations pay code for an employee in the payroll transaction entry message "Vacations Time available is less than this amount. Do you want to continue?" when the employee have sufficient time available in payroll. Actually i have Human Resources Module but not in use and don't have any information or employee data. I try the 2 below suggestions but don't work.


Note: I don't have the below suggested option available.

  1. Select Tools under Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Utilities, point to Human Resources and select Reconcile.
    Reset payroll Vacation and Sick Time Information.

Dynamics GP 2016 version 16.00.0579

Any other suggestions is welcome.

Does anyone know if the inventory reconcile looks at inactive items?

We have a large quantity of items and at least 1/3 of them are inactive.  I was hoping that if an item is marked inactive that the reconcile would not look at it.

When we run a reconcile now, it takes around 4 hours to complete.

Thank you,



Has anyone come up against a situation where the sa password can be used in GP to log in to GP.. BUT cannot use that same sa password to login to SSMS?  

I am trying to access  SQL 2016 sitting on an AWS server.  GP launches fine, the ODBC for GP cannot connect to the server using the sa password..


Any ideas as to why this is????  

Much appreciated,


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