Script that will search all tables for a specific field
This is our starting point for GL queries. 
This article will show you how to call the taRMTransaction stored procedure. This is the same procedure that eConnect uses to create RM transactions, and returns the same error codes. 

The PPS Amt Deducted for Credits (PPSAMDED) > Document Amount (DOCAMNT)  
The PPS Amt Deducted for Credits (PPSAMDED) > Document Amount (WROFAMNT)  

Explained below


This is our 'starter' template script for AA transactions. It's a good place to start

Prerequisite check for system component .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 failed with the following error message:

".NET Framework 3.5 SP1 requires manual activation on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012"

See the setup log file located at 'C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Temp\VSDFD80.tim\install.log' for more information

(sigh) Not that complicated, but the issue is remembering what to do to install the 3.5 Framework. 

Screen shots below : )

I just installed GP 2016 in a test environment, and when I opened it for the first time I got a series of error, the first two were

An open operation on table 'WDC_Security_Tag_TEMP' failed because the path does not exist


An open operation on table 'ASI_Explorer_Favorites' failed because the path does not exist. 

The fix is listed below


Today's task is to hide the post button in the PM Transaction entry window. 

From this:


To this. 

This article will detail how to hide a form field based on the user's name. Note that this is not the most robust solution: It won't scale well and would be hard to maintain... but it's here to demonstrate a technique. 

This piece of code will submit one SOP line. Probably most useful for updates.



Announcing the DynDeveloper eConnect schema reference

You can find the link on the main Knowledge Base menu above, under 'eConnect'

Now, some of you may say 'this looks just like the Microsoft reference'... and ... that's because I copied it. <smiles>

I did it so that I could add a navigation at the top. Way nicer than ... that other one. 

I hope to wiki enable it in the future, so that we can all make it better. 

Have an idea how to make the site better? Drop me a line. 

... I have time. <more smiles>

This post is designed to walk you through your first Visual Studio data access project. 

We've provided step by step instructions, and all the code... you don't even have to type anything. 


The application will query RM00101 (the customer table) and provide a list of customers. You can check some customers and click 'go', and the app will update the database and not show those customers any more


Last week we published a tutorial for WinForms SQL data access with the Telerik grid, today we'll do the same for the native DataGridView. 

The article below contains screen shots and all the code needed to access a stored procedure, display it in a DataGridView, and then loop through the grid and update SQL

This article is a code example for how to create this layout in a Winforms Telerik gridview. 

I am trying to restrict users from entering anything in the Trade Discount on the Customer Card.  

I tried to do the field lock by hiding it from certain users  but it's not working.

I see Trade Discount is also on the Vendor Card.  

I cannot find a satisfactory answer to this on Microsoft Dynamic's site.


Any help here will be appreciated, thanks.


I have a table with contents as follows:

Class, Description, Schedule Number, Markup percent

Example rows:

A,  Advertising,  1, 0.00

R, Candy, 1, 0.00

A, Advertising, 25, 0.00

R, Candy, 25, 0.50

A, Advertising, 30, 0.00

R, Candy, 30, 5.50


I want to produce a report that will look like this:


Class  Description   Schedule 1 Markup  Schedule 25 Markup    Schedule 30 Markup, etc.

A       Advertising    0.00                            0.00                                   5.50

R       Candy            0.00                            0.50                                    5.50


So I need to group the data in a different direction, so to speak.

I think I will  need to do some Grouping/ Select Distinct Sql here... ?

Thank you.



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