Document Attachments introduced in GP2015 is a great improvement over the old OLE Notes attachments.

Attachments are stored in SQL server, eliminating administrative headaches such as managing file permissions and backups. 

While it is easy to attach and retrieve documents one by one, accessing a whole list of documents can be challenging.  opening each document requires multiple clicks.

I have an application where the user clicks a button to save the data.  This can take several seconds to complete and I would like some way to indicate that the app is running.
This is a short piece of 'proof of concept' code that shows how to print an SSRS report to disk. Our example was coded in a winforms application, but it should work unmodified in ASP.NET.  The ReportParameter allows you to pass parameter(s).

This stored proc will decrypt Dynamics GP passwords. Use this code to test. 

DECLARE @p binary(100)
SELECT @p = password from dynamics..sy02400
exec dd_Dynamics_Decrypt @p


Good afternoon,

We have a sales process with the following scenario:

1- Sales order has five line items.  Four of them are physical items.

2- Fifth item is a Service whereby we will be on-site to help in the assembly.\

3- We wish to invoice the customer for the four line items immediately, but do not wish to invoice them until after the on-site work is completed.

4- We have this fifth item setup as a flat fee so it cannot be configured as a back order quantity.


What is the best way to handle this in GP 2010?

Thank you,


My client is using organizational structure to prevent certain people from seeing payroll accounts. Since they are using a new six segment account structure the main segment is added more frequently than before and it causes the "edit list" on the GL print out to show the same account description every time versus the correct account description. 

Example:    instead of 10-11111-20000-12-11-10  showing  Accounts Payable like it should it shows the same account number but the description shows Accounts Receivable on all accounts. 


Anyone run into this issue?  Is this a Modified report issue? How did you fix it if so? 


The only solution I have found is to unassign and reassign the "non payroll" user in the Org structure which is not the ideal way to fix this every time. 

This is for GP2018 and it also happened while using GP2015. 

I am trying to locate the table that stores the information related to the ship to information on a line item.

When I click the arrow next to "Ship To Address ID" I get the following window:

Which table holds the information for this form?

Does DOCAMNT in SOP10100 include the freight, or is that strictly in FRTAMNT?
The follow  up question is what is/should be included in DOCAMNT in SY00500?

Many Thanks!



good day!

I would like to know if you can guide me, how I can associate by the SOP master order number, the lines that have been transferred. Example, if you make a quote with 5 items, when transferring to order, the same when transferring only 3 item was transferred, and at the time of making invoice, only 1 item had quantity available.

It is more or less, a tracking of the items in each sales document.

Someone could help me, I would like to do that in sql.

Thank you

I have been asked to change currency ID from EURO to EUR is this possible?

If its possible would this be done in GP or at a SQL level



Good evening,
     I have the following situation while landed cost increase my inventory unit cost (work fine) i need the opposite too because my vendor take me a special discount and i need to reduce the inventory unit cost (Landed Cost not accept negative amount). Any suggestions is welcome.
  Mr. García

can anyone point me toward documentation that outlines dynamics gp capability of generating/printing invoices to send to customers? Also, a way to upload our own template for invoices to adhere to? unfortunately i've come up with no solid documentation that confirms and/or describes this functionality.

thank you in advance!


Client wants a sql report (Excel refreshable spreadsheet maybe?) to pull the GL account balances.  That part is easy


the hard part is - there are multiple companies - with different currency rates.


I know that the historical rates are in the GP tables.  Is it possible (without mega programming) to dump the GL account balances for these foreign currencies and get the local USD rate?  The balances in the SQL tables are in the foreign dollars.


Maybe something exists out there somewhere?

Dear Sirs

If I want to see what items will expire in one particular month, there's no report in GP 2010 out of the box that provides me with it. I can't select a date range for this search in the lot number report in Inventory module, only by Item Number..

Any suggestion?

Hi all,

I want to modify the sales -> transactions -> Bulk Pick form.

What I specifically want to do is limit the number of orders that get printed at one time, with a default of 10. I also need to be able to select the orders by the shipping method.

I've pretty much concluded that I need to replace the original form, but not sure if I should use VBA or dexterity to replace it. 

Any suggestions, ideas and directions cheerfully accepted and greatly appreciated.


Many thanks!


 I wrote a SQL based integration for a client that takes customer and vendor invoices from a proprietary system, and inserts them into their MS Dynamics database. Overall the integration is working pretty well -- but some vendor invoices fail with error 4610 (Unable to calculate the discount and due dates) when calling "taPMTransactionInsert". I've looked at the data, and don't see any patterns (e.g., not always happening to a specific customer or vendor) and I really don't know much about dynamics in general.

 Can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshooting this problem? I can provide the procedure code in a private message if necessary, but the general flow I have is this...


1) begin transaction

2) Call taGetPMNextVoucherNumber and store next voucher number

3) Validate customer # I have exists in Dynamics (by querying GL00100)

4) Validate vendor # I have exists (by querying GL00100)

5) Call taPMTransactionInsert twice (once for the AP account and once for the customer account)

6) Each of the calls above are wrapped w/ try catches where I do error logging and a rollback on the transaction




Hi guys,

My client is sniffing around the latest version(s) of GP. They are sadly on GP10 right now [with feed from Salesforce & CRM 4.0].

Can they jump to 2013 or 2015 straight or do they have to go in increments [10 to 2013 to 2015 to 2018]?

Any suggestions/recommendations will be appreciated. 

Thanks - Paul 

eConnect Error Code 908 (Invalid Sales Account)

I am trying to override the default sales account when creating an invoice.  I am passing in the account index (@I_vSLSINDX varchar(75)) as a string.  I have tried setting it as a variable from my code and also hard coding the account index in my code and get the same error message either way.  I have verified that the sales account is coming from the customer and I can change the account on the customer card to the account I want to use and it defaults just fine but if I pass in the sales account index for that same account to the taSopLineIvcInsert eConnect stored procedure I get the 908 error code returned.  If I remove all references to the @I_vSLSINDX eConnect variable it works just fine and defaults the sales account from the customer card.  I even validate the SLSINDX in the SOP10200 table when I create an invoice through the GP UI and it is the same index that I am passing in so I don't think it has anything to do with the account index being used.

 Here is the SQL stored procedure I created and the code to call the stored procedure.

/****** Object:  StoredProcedure [dbo].[zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine]    Script Date: 4/24/2019 7:25:51 AM 

4/24/2019 Added Sales Index (@SLSINDX) to make sure the specific customer sales account number is used for distributions.

CREATE PROC [dbo].[zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine]
@SOPTYPE tinyint 
,@SopNumber varchar(21)
,@CUSTNMBR varchar (15)
,@DOCDATE datetime
,@ITEMNMBR varchar(30)
,@UNITPRCE numeric(19,5)
,@XTNDPRCE numeric(19,5)
,@QUANTITY numeric(19,5)
,@ITEMDESC varchar(100)
,@NONINVEN smallint
,@DOCID varchar(15) 
,@SLSINDX varchar(75)
,@ErrorState int out
,@ErrString varchar(255) out

       exec taSopLineIvcInsert @I_vSOPTYPE = @SOPTYPE
, @I_vSOPNUMBE = @SopNumber
, @O_iErrorState = @ErrorState out
, @oErrString = @ErrString out

declare @SOPTYPE tinyint = 3
declare @SopNumber varchar(21) = 'SBINV0000000071'
declare @CUSTNMBR varchar (15) = 'SYNNEX'
declare @DOCDATE datetime = '4/24/2019'
declare @ITEMNMBR varchar(30) = 'WGM37913'
declare @UNITPRCE numeric(19,5) = 51.40000
declare @XTNDPRCE numeric(19,5) = 51.40000
declare @QUANTITY numeric(19,5) = 1.00000
declare @ITEMDESC varchar(100) = 'SB000015182 - 4/15/2019 - 5/14/2019 - 1'
declare @NONINVEN smallint = 0
declare @LNITMSEQ int = 16384
declare @DOCID varchar(15) = 'SBINV'
declare @SLSINDX varchar(75) = '11205'
declare @ErrorState int 
declare @ErrString varchar(255) 

exec zCreateSubscriptionInvoiceLine @SOPTYPE
,@ErrorState out
,@ErrString out
select @ErrorState


Hello All, 

I am working for a client to post the PopEnterMatchInvoiceType but when we post the invoice and line items the Distribution account automatically Populate with the wrong information. Does any one know how this can be avoided and I can provide the correct information? I have CREATEDIST = 0 in my taPopEnterMatchInvHdr and I have supplied the taPopDistrbution_ItemsTaPopDisribution after my line item. However when I post to GP my hard coded data is not considered. It is as follows:

taPopDistribution_ItemsTaPopDistribution purchaseDist = new taPopDistribution_ItemsTaPopDistribution
    POPTYPE = 2,
    POPRCTNM = purchaseHd.POPRCTNM,
    ACTNUMST = "01-2085",
    CRDTAMNT = purchaseLn[i].EXTDCOST,
    DISTTYPE = 9,
    VENDORID = purchaseHd.VENDORID
purchaseDistItems[i] = purchaseDist;

Please let me know what I can do to either get the correct Distribution populated or how to pass the distribution account. 

Thank you!

Looking for sql query to calculate balance sheet accounts at the month-end exchange rate 
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