Sql procedure error codes returned: Error Number = 7319 Stored Procedure= taPoHdr Error Description = Currency passed into the POLine does not match the Currency in the POHdr Node Identifier Parameters: taPoHdr PONUMBER = 70264 VENDORID = W001<taPoHdr> <PONUMBER>70264</PONUMBER> <VENDORID>W001</VENDORID> <PRMDATE>11/29/2017</PRMDATE> <UpdateIfExists>1</UpdateIfExists> <USRDEFND1>ABCD</USRDEFND1> </taPoHdr>


A client asked for help with this error, so I decrypted the stored procedure, and I've got the answer, detailed below. 

The article below is a shameless, unpaid plug for SQL PROMPT. 

It's a cool tool. You need it. 

<waves hand mysteriously> These are not the droids you're looking for


Error Number = 7319  Stored Procedure= taPoHdr  Error Description = Currency passed into the POLine does not match the Currency in the POHdr

Node Identifier Parameters: taPoHdr

PONUMBER = 70111











I used my new 'decrypt' skills to figure this out, the resolution is below


This query demonstrates linking a PO through the receipts to the voucher. It's only meant as a starting point, normally we'd do some grouping along the way
This is a tutorial for LIFO/FIFO unit cost layering and how the tables behind the scenes work. We'll show you how to change the unit cost at the table level, if you need to. 

We have several transactions from the same day (11/3) that have a status of "WORK".   When we try to drill down on the transactions in a Smartlist we get the message "This batch is receiving transactions."

Thoughts on how to clean these up?  

Accounting is going to make adjustments to cover them.



Hello everyone,

I am looking for a report...

I enter the PO number and it gives you everything that pertains to that PO. The Vendor, Items, Unit Cost, Date. receipt info, invoice match info and the payment info.

Is there a SQL view anyone can think of to accomplish this task without running multiple reports


Paul hacki

Hi there,

I have uploaded plenty of items and need to update/upload the Standard Cost.

Is there any way to upload the Standard Costs at once? Maybe using e-connect?


Thank you for the help and answers


Working on a a PO integration and I want to show the users a preview of the document before they save. 

When using a UOFM different than each, what is the most efficient way to calculate the extended cost for display on the front end to the user. 

I do not see a Econnect call I could make async to get the value.

Also, the same applies for calculating the Tax amount.


We have a situation at a client where an AP Payment was voided (in history).  the Payment was marked as voided, BUT the Invoice stayed in History with the apply information intact.

I am thinking of deleting the historically info, but need to know the best way to move the Invoice from History to Open (including distributions and all other tables).  Don't I also need to update the PM00400 table?  

If anyone has a script, I'd love to use it!



We have a GP user  (GP2016 version) who keeps being prompted to change her password every time she tries to save a PO. 

She changed her password probably a month ago in GP, no errors or problems, and I have changed it again a few times as Admin to see if that would help, but it did not.    Even with a brand new password, she is prompted to change it when saving a PO. 

Need some help, thank you.

Attempting to import timesheet data via eConnect and taPATimeSheetLineInsert stored procedure.   This works well until a Cost Category is not in the Project Budget.  The system errors with error code 9392 - Can only integrate Cost Category Codes that exist in Project budget.

What can be done to allow the adding of Cost Category on the fly so the timesheet data can be imported via eConnect?



How can I disable logins to GP temporarily without setting the database to single user mode?



Anybody knows how to use external library (VB .net dll) into my dexterity programming and call its procedure/function?



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