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This article contains a complete code example for the SOPVoidDocumentType schema


This is a complete working example of the eConnect IVInventoryTransferType schema.

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The example includes code to handle lots. If lots are not needed that section can easily be skipped over.

Se ha creado un extensor en el menú de consulta de artículo el cual tiene su configuración en la tabla EXT40100 y EXT40101. El problema es que no encuentro la tabla donde se almacenan los datos ingresados en la ventana del entesor.

I have created an extender in the query menu item which has it's settings in the EXT40100 and EXT40101 table. The problem is that I find the table where the data entered in the window extension are stored.



Eric Ayala

When we Transfer Order to Invoice from GP then the order is despaired.

When we make the same process using eConnect using these nodes:

1.       <taSopHdrIvcInsert>*
2.       ORIGNUMB
3.       ORIGTYPE

But we found that the Order still exists after the Invoice is created

the order still exists in table and gp screen too.

Please advise me to proceed further..



The RMA status you see in the GP UI is stored in the RETSTAT column in the database, however, we noticed that there is also a RMA_Status column too. After looking online, we haven't found what the different numbers mean that are stored in this column. Does anyone have any ideas? Here are the numbers we're seeing:







How is RCTSEQNM set for positive adjustments entered via Inventory Adjustment Transaction documents? I'm looking for a relationship between the originating IV100001 record that I create and IV10200 record created by GP post.

Thank you.


Im in the process of creating a suite of reports on Contracts admin and have a query regarding Exchange Rates.

Part of the suite will be reporting our contract's in GBP, so a contract stated in GP as  USD with a bill date of 28/03/2015 I need the Exch rate as at 01/03/2015 GBP-USD

or a contract in SGD with a Bill Date of 12/11/2014 will look up  Exch Rate as at 01/11/2014 for GBP-SGD


I hope that this makes sense as I have not got a clue how to do it!!


Many thanks 

Saludos a Todos.

Necesito modificar la consulta SQL que colecta los datos para mostrar en el reporte RM Summary Historial Aged Trial Balanced, el cual es de los reportes propios de GP..

Alguien podría indicarme como llego hasta la consulta de este reporte.

Utilizo GP 10.0

Greetings to all.
I need to modify the SQL query that collects the data to show in the report Summary History Aged Trial RM Balanced, which is own GP reports ..
Someone could tell me how you got to see this report.
I use GP 10.0



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